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Yesterday I went for a walk in the evening - didn't feel too great, but I feel strange if I don't take a proper walk unless I was out a good portion of the day - and instead of going to the park like usual, wandered a bit further to an old graveyard down the street.

For some reason, old graveyards don't really trigger my issues with death. (It's possible new ones don't either, but I've never been in one.) I walked around looking at the headstones - it really is historic, the very newest I saw were over fifty years old, and most were for people who died in the 1800s or earlier. Someone had left a basket of fake flowers by a grave for someone who died in the 1880s; there was a memorial for a young man, only 17 and change, who 'was drowned while he bathed'. I don't know if that means he was murdered or if it was an accident. I wondered on the way back if that story is written anywhere else - a newspaper, a diary in some archive - or if all that is left of it, the pain that family must have felt, is that engraving. You can also get a beautiful view of a nearby stream and lake there, though I didn't see any birds or insects out on the water. Is it too early for them yet, here? I'll have to go back and see. Or maybe try in the morning. The bats have been out for a couple of weeks, so it seems like I should at least see some bugs.

Did end up with a headache, though, the kind that hurts worse the more you move around. Probably should have taken something before I left, but at least it didn't hurt much until I was only a couple of blocks from home, and then I could down some ibuprofen and go sleep until it went away.

Today I chained myself to my desk to finish my fandom5k fic. It's rather longer than the minimum - I think it's the longest fanfic I've written save for my very very first one from a decade ago, which is of course terrible and never to be spoken of again. ...and then I went to check, and nope, there's another terrible early fic of mine that hit 30k over four years. But it's my longest since I started posting things again in 2011. (I've plenty of longer origfic, though - that f/f historical fantasy one I still need to finish is probably going to wrap up at ~120k. Maybe a bit more if I'm unlucky.) Anyway, I do need to edit it, but that can wait a couple of days; I have a take-home exam next week but I should have plenty of time to poke at the fic. I also shook my gift and am v. excited for reveals now, plus there's at least three other stories I'm looking forward to checking out in the collection.

Been rewatching small parts of Yuri on Ice for a different fic - I want to do a proper rewatch but haven't had the time - and, gosh, episode 10 still kills me. I skipped right to the church scene and ow, my heart, like, I physically felt it in my chest in the way that only happens when I'm up way too late with emotionally-resonant fiction. The way Yuuri takes off Victor's glove, the way he has trouble getting the ring on Victor's hand, the way he twitches when Victor takes his hand, the little gasp he makes when he sees the ring on his own hand, the way he says 'Thank you for everything up til now' so formally and then his voice gets kind of choked up, aaah. I love this anime so much.

...and woo, movie announcement! I don't think I'm going to get SUPER excited until we have more deets (what's it about? when can I see it? it's not going to be a Japan-only release for months, is it? how beautiful can they make the skating?) but I am very glad to hear that there is going to be more canon.
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