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Hello, whoever is creating a thing for me! I am sure that I will like whatever it is that you create. Please don't feel too bound to the prompts and ideas in this letter if you have an idea that you like more and think I would like also; they're just there for inspiration if you want it. And feel free to poke me if something I wrote is confusing or you want clarification.

Some general likes: Outsider POV. Canon AUs and canon divergence AUs. Slice of life. Potential dark themes of canon being explored. Spirits, gods, and ghosts. Character exploration, introspection, and backgrounds. Traditional or historical clothing. Clothing kink of almost any kind including crossdressing (the one exception is lingerie on people of any gender; it's not really my thing). Crack. Crack taken seriously. Sex pollen. Intense friendships, complicated relationships, and UST. Sharing beds or baths (platonic or otherwise). Language barriers and cultural differences. Showing care without using words. Playing with/doing up/brushing/washing hair, particularly long hair. Wingfic or wingart of any kind, it's basically my favorite trope ever - stick a pair of bird/butterfly/bat/abstract/whatever wings on a character or few and I'm good. 4 + 1 or 5 times or similar formats.

Some likes especially for this fandom: Dancing together. Canon divergence or close-to-canon AUs like 'spirits exist'/'we skate to please the gods'/wing!AU, etc. Magical elements. Hurt/comfort. Crying. Time travel or time loops. Skating as seduction or to send a message. Outsider POV and/or use of social media.

Dislikes: Humiliation. Excessive angst or violence that doesn't go anywhere - it's fine in general. Surrealism in fic; it's okay in art.

DNW: A/B/O, non-skating AUs, homophobia AUs, pregnancy (except for a brief mention or something in the background), character death, infidelity (for ships that conflict with canon pairs, please deal with canon partner as you like as long as there's no bashing - set before canon pair dated, open relationship, offscreen breakup, AU, whatever - though they don't actually need to be mentioned or have any focus. But please no explicit cheating), rimming.

For fic, I don't have any preferences wrt tense, pov, etc. For art, for this canon, I don't like very realistic art - more realistic than canon style is fine, but if it looks like a realistic drawing of a person, it kind of hits uncanny valley for me. My favorite art for this fandom usually is 'soft' looking or has very bright colors, if that helps? (Sorry, I'm not much of an artist myself.)

Pairing-specific ideas and prompts if you want them:
Gen pairings:
Katsuki Mari & Katsuki Yuuri
I feel like these two must have a really interesting relationship that I'd like to see explored. Mari supports Yuuri - but at the same time, her younger brother is a well-known athlete who spends a lot of time abroad while she helps to run the family inn. In the first episode, it sounded to me like she might not have even gone to college (though of course we don't know for sure). What's it like between them growing up under those circumstances? Are there times Yuuri has supported her with some problems or hobbies of her own? Or, in another vein, maybe there's some kind of curse on the onsen (maybe a side-effect of that is how they're the only onsen left in town) and the two of them had to deal with it growing up. Something cute with them playing with Vicchan, working on a school project, or having a possibly ill-advised adventure would be nice, too!

Lilia Baranovskaya & Victor Nikiforov
What's their history together? Yuri doesn't know Lilia, so presumably she hasn't taught him in the last few years, but given how she was married to Yakov at one point and that Victor should have had access to the best Yakov could find for him too, I assume that she taught him at some point when he was younger. What did they think of each other? Did she teach him anything besides ballet? Maybe she speaks French and she practices with or corrects him. In the present, maybe she's seen changes in his dancing (she's got those nice lines about love making people shine brighter and so on) or he needs her help with something. Also, aesthetic or symbolic use of mirrors would be appreciated.

Nikolai Plisetsky & Yuri Plisetsky
Yuri and his grandpa are some of my favorite scenes from this anime <3 How has Nikolai seen Yuri, and his skating, change over the years? How has he supported him? Does Yuri worry about supporting his grandpa financially? Do they ever cook together - or Yuri making Japanese food in return for his grandpa's pirozhki. Maybe something happens to his grandpa - is Yuri there with him or does he have to worry from afar until he can get there?

Phichit Chulanont & Katsuki Yuuri
I like how Phichit is so adorable and friendly, but must also be good at restraining himself from pressing too hard if he's friends with someone like Yuuri, so I'd be interested in seeing how to two of them became friends, or Phichit trying to draw Yuuri out of his shell in Detroit. Bonding over their pets and skating movies and food - I'd love to see them cooking for each other. Exploring the area and maybe getting lost. Taking pole dancing lessons together. Phichit discovering that Yuuri is a fun drunk. Being supportive of each other in any way - helping each other with skating stuff, cheering each other up, patching up injuries, trying to help the other out with homesickness. They both go to a competition in Japan and Phichit expects Yuuri to show him around... even though they're not in Kyushu and Yuuri may or may not be feeling up to it.

Yakov Feltsman & Victor Nikiforov
How did they meet? How has their relationship changed over time? What sort of questionable things has Victor done over the years that have taken time off Yakov's life (and what has he done that made Yakov go quietly fond?)? It seems to be common fanon that Victor moved in with Yakov for his training when he was younger... how did that go? How is that that Victor discovered that Yakov will help if he hugs him? What parts of Yakov does Victor try to emulate when coaching? Post-canon, what changes does Yakov notice in Victor?

Shippy ships:
Christophe Giacometti/Victor Nikiforov
I can never get enough of these two pre-canon, hooking up at competitions, Chris teaching Victor French, and maybe trying to find other ways to meet. Canon divergence AU where for whatever reason, Victor doesn't fly off to Japan, and something happens to make him and Chris develop a closer emotional relationship instead? Or, hell, an AU where Chris somehow ends up training in Russia? The first time Victor saw Chris doing a sexy program. For art: red roses/blue roses flower crowns or motifs.

Christophe Giacometti/Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov
Chris to me seemed to have elements of jealousy towards both Victor and Yuuri (man, that look he throws them in EP12), and besides his history with Victor he seemed interested in Yuuri after the pole dancing, so I think that kind of mix of feelings could be interesting to see from his point of view. Maybe in an AU, Chris and Victor are already a Thing by the time of the banquet, only for Victor to get infatuated with Yuuri, who Chris also likes but isn't head-over-heels for - how would that work out, especially if Victor still runs off to coach Yuuri? Or, Yuuri and Victor are a Thing and Chris somehow gets involved as well - maybe they have a threesome, intending it to be a one-off type thing, and then Feelings Happen, whoops. Chris and Yuuri pole-dancing together for Victor.

Jean-Jacques Leroy/Isabella Yang
I kind of thought they were each other's trophy bf/gf at first, but they won me over! (Though I could still go for a story where it's a bit of both.) How did they meet? What does Isabella do - does she have her own job or studies? Do they even have much time to spend with each other? Isabella comforting JJ after his bad performance at the GPF. Or, wedding fic - supposed to be the perfect day for the the perfect couple but inevitably going right off the rails, though I think Isabella would handle it better than JJ. (Did they invite the other skaters? Who agreed to come?)

Katsuki Yuuri/Jean-Jacques Leroy
Pre-canon, JJ trained with Celestino for at least a little while. Maybe during that time, JJ saw something of Yuuri that impressed him, or maybe at some point Yuuri made a cold/confident remark toward him that got stuck in his mind. Present-day, when JJ is having his breakdown in episode 11 and imagines the other skaters, Yuuri is putting on this really seductive pose - what's behind that? Maybe JJ can't get that image out of his head.

Katsuki Yuuri/Lee Seung Gil
I like how they could seem similar on the outside - cold and aloof at competitions - but maybe that's not so much the case on the inside. One or both of them gets drunk after a competition and they somehow end up in one of their hotel rooms. Bonding over their dogs. Seung-gil can't shake off the memory of hug zombie!Yuuri's embrace. Or Yuuri catches Seung-gil crying and maybe for some reason he can't just leave; he doesn't know what to do with crying people and Seung-gil hates showing vulnerability like that.

Lilia Baranovskaya/Okukawa Minako
Did they meet as younger, internationally-known dancers? How much rivalry was there - was there any tension, or perhaps a fling? Maybe they meet again in the present day at a skating competition and an old spark flares up again, and Lilia's divorced and Minako's not attached.... I could also 100% go for them dancing together. For a more magical AU, maybe they're both masters of ballet-fuelled magic (now I'm picturing a grown up version of Princess Tutu) and they have to team up for Reasons to use it together.

Lilia Baranovskaya/Yakov Feltsman/Victor Nikiforov
I can see one possibility for this being that Lilia and/or Yakov's involvement with Victor is a sign of the growing distance in their own relationship pre-canon. Or for an AU, maybe Victor is, like, a slave that they bought for his great figure skating potential, and then he grew up to be so good-looking...? I think the potential dynamics of this relationship are very interesting - the age/experience gap, Lilia's love of beauty and strength, Victor's yearning for love, Yakov's gruff affection. For art, I'd love anything that has Victor somehow in-between them.

Michele Crispino/Emil Nekola
Emil tries skating his feelings out (hey, it worked for Katsuki!). Or, something where Mickey finally pursues Emil for whatever reason - either 'I don't want him to date Sara' or 'I need to show Sara I'm commited to this not being codependent thing' and whoops feelings happen, or maybe he just finally got a clue. I'd also enjoy something where they take a vacation somewhere, maybe their B&B only has one bed, maybe it's out in the countryside and Emil is excited to spend romantic evenings taking long walks and so on.

Michele Crispino/Sara Crispino/Emil Nekola
This could be great either as a triangle or a v centered on Emil... or maybe it starts off as a v and something happens that gets the Crispinos involved with each other, complete with lots of messy emotions. AU where Emil really is a cyborg and the Crispinos find that fascinating. What happens if the media catches on to the fact that the three of them are dating (or at least that the Crispinos are both dating Emil), and how do they deal with the inevitable media storm? Or if not the media, the Crispino parents?

Mila Babicheva/Sara Crispino
Mila showing off her strength by lifting Sara, either on or off the ice. Michele finds out; after focusing so much on 'protecting' Sara from guys, he forgot about girls... or maybe he only cares if it's a man? Dressing each other up (and then undressing each other again). Moving into pairs skating together or just doing an exhibition/ice show together. Traveling somewhere - maybe to one of their hometowns, or maybe exploring somewhere neither of them has been to before.

Phichit Chulanont/Katsuki Yuuri
I subscribe to the headcanon that Phichit pulled Yuuri along to take poledancing classes (with or without being aware of what exactly the classes were for); they could have fun with it together and maybe make out afterwards? They take a break to travel in America for a few days, and maybe it's nice and maybe they get super lost or some other peril of travel (missed connections, lost luggage...) lands them in trouble together. For Yuuri's birthday, or something, Phichit dresses up as Victor and they try out role-playing. AU where they somehow end up training together in Bangkok.

Victor Nikiforov/Victor Nikiforov
I'd prefer this with younger Victor/present-day Victor, but two Victors of the same age would be fine, too. Are they from the same timeline or from slightly (or more than slightly) different parallel universes? Is this a '??? don't know why we're here together, but hey I'm hot, might as well make out' sort of situation, does it take a while to actually get there, or maybe Victor can time-travel/dimension hop and is doing it on purpose? (Hey, he was lonely pre-Yuuri, who better to understand than himself?) It could also be nice to have something where they skate the same routine and notice each other's good and bad points, something like that. (N.B. unless maybe they are magical clones or he reasonably thinks he's never going home again, selfcest would still hit my infidelity DNW if Victor's in a relationship with Yuuri or someone and there's not permission/open relationship/whatever.)

Yakov Feltsman/Victor Nikiforov
Feel free to go baddirtywrong on this one (but no non-con, please). Maybe Victor saw picture/videos of Yakov's skating days and got kind of infatuated and decided to try and seduce him - or maybe he's just a really lonely teenager, and Yakov's the closest and nicest person he knows. Maybe Yakvo knows it's not a great idea, but he's having a rough time after his divorce with Lilia, and Victor's such a beautiful skater and a handsome young man. Or maybe a canon AU where it's normal or even expected for coaches to be involved with their seniors skaters?


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