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I took a break from social media and some other sites I visit, so I haven't been on DW for... at least a week. I was kind of hoping that it would help me be more productive, but it hasn't, really. Oh, well. Hope things are going okay for everyone.

My garden's doing just fine - we've actually been getting enough rain here that I've mostly been ignoring it. I did manage to kill off one of my mints right before I potted it (need to get a new one, sigh) and one of the eggplants died for reasons unknown. And one of the basil plants has gone missing; I suspect it became a lawnmower victim. The rest are being more than productive enough to make up for it, though. I need to tie everything to the stakes I put in, will probably do that tomorrow after buying a replacement mint, and do some weeding. The petunia I rescued a few months ago has started blooming again - I didn't realize it would - so it's nice to have the flowers on the table to look at when I eat dinner.

Work is coming along okay - I ironed out some administrative issues, and have finished some programming tasks that I've been meaning to do. And got all my tests to pass again, woo. Need to talk to my advisor when I can catch him; I think I'm ready to start writing that lit review, and I'm more prepared to do that right now than the other thing I need to work on.

I've also been working on the Japanese paper, though not as fast as I should have been. Progress is being made, though. Page 4: Only 22 sentence fragments this time! Page 5: 20! Page 6: 23, and this one had one loooong sentence (~75 words when translated into English as one sentence. It's a lot more comprehensible as four.) Page 7: 24, and fuck yes neural nets are so much more fun to read about. Page 8: Up again to 27. Right now I'm most of the way through page 9.

I learned the interesting word 網羅 (netting + a kind of silk gauze), which according to my dictionary means 残らず取り入れること.*網は魚をとるあみ,羅は鳥をとるあみ.(To take in/gather up without leaving [anything] behind. *The net is a net that traps fish, the gauze is a net that traps birds.) I also can't help but laugh every time that ラットの嗅球 comes up in Mnemosyne; it means the olfactory bulbs of rats, but apparently 'olfactory bulb' is pronounced 'kyuukyuu' and it just sounds so cute and funny in my head.

Also, my textbooks lied to me when they said 'learn the Jouyou kanji and you're set', because this paper has had at least four non-Jouyou kanji used so far, without furigana or anything. 範疇's definition even defines the second kanji used!

While working on this, I've been kind of neglecting adding regular Japanese/Kanji in Context sentences to my flashcard deck, which means I am (once again) going all over the place in terms of eg vocabulary I know. But hell, it feels useful to me to be able to say 'time series data' in Japanese and read about neural nets, even if I still don't know some more basic things, so. And it's not like it's going to ruin my Japanese any more than learning a bunch of kimono-related vocabulary did.

And finally, I bit the bullet and downloaded Anki 'cause I can't find the Kanji in Context sentences anywhere else but in Anki decks (there's a spreadsheet, but it's not clear if anyone's still giving access to it) and I'm not wasting my life typing the sentences when someone's already done it for me. I'm still using Mnemosyne, though - the deck I found is tagged by chapter, so I just exported the next chapter as a text file, cleaned it up, and now it's ready to sort through and add to Mnemosyne. (I mean, I could try using Anki, but after so many years of using Mnemosyne, I'm used to it, and Anki looks a lot more complicated. And would my map cards work in it?) Still slightly obnoxious as far as workflow goes, but much faster than manual typing or even OCR (which is hit-and-miss at best). I generally find actually adding sentences (looking up words and grammar I don't know) to be pretty painless, so this should help me start moving through the book again.

There's also been good progress on my young!Victor cosplay. I'm making a paper pattern of the fifty million feathers (on the front), after frame-by-framing the footage of him to figure out wtf was going on with his costume. I'm almost done, so soon I'll be able to make all of them, pin and check that it looks good again, and then add fifty million yards of sparkly bias tape. I wish this stuff was available in the US, it looks really nice; alas, I had to buy it from a UK seller on eBay. (Dear Internet, thank you for making that possible.)

And when not programming, reading papers, pattern-making, trying to balance my wips, or procrastinating by looking at Yuri on Ice fanart on Pixiv, I had time to watch Wonder Woman. I actually wasn't that interested in going to see it, but I was invited along, and I ended up liking it overall. My thoughts in bullet point form:
・ Her actress could have used a bit more shoulder muscle, but overall I think she was great! She really sold the character for me.
・ Blah, boring obligatory heterosexual romance after knowing each other for two days, sigh. Not impressed. But it was a nice reversal of 'woman dies, empowers man', if nothing else. I didn't care for most of the side characters, either.
・ The general 'fish out of water'-type stuff was well-done. That boat conversation, too, it had the whole theater roaring with laughter.
・ I also liked her civvies, it was a nice and practical-looking outfit.
・ Hell yeah throw some tanks! I cheered internally every time she did so. I also loved the scene at the beginning of the film where she pulls him from the airplane and out of the water.
・ Oh dear, her costume. I know, it's a legacy character, they didn't design it, whatever, but every time they showed bullets skittering off it, I kept thinking, 'you know, you've very lucky they didn't aim for your shoulder. Or above your knees'. It just looked impractical and silly. I know, rule of sexy, and it's magic, but you can have sexy armor that actually looks like armor.
・ The fight scenes were great, except for one that could have used less slow-mo - it was just distracting, not cool.
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