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Sometimes when I get sick, instead of being tired and wanting to sleep all the time, I get insomnia.

Which is why I slept all yesterday afternoon, then stayed up all night until I could take a walk in the early morning rain. I got an opportunity to wear my cape - it's tan with nice brown grosgrain ribbon around the hem, and a beautifully bright red lining, and good deep pockets, and did I mention it has a sailor collar. (I really love this cape, is what I'm saying.) Helped keep me dry under the huge umbrella - it's one of those light-up ones. Doesn't actually light much up, but if it were dark and you just wanted to read a business card or something, I guess it would help.

Anyway, my brain went a bit into overdrive thinking about some things I've watched lately.

Legend of Korra )
Tron: Legacy )
Pacific Rim )

I've also been thinking about programming an automatic fanfic cross-posting program for a while. You'd feed it a clean html'd version of your fic, it would pick out the excess paragraph tags, and then ask you for different headers. You fill out your info, it posts to DW/LJ as you wish (well, my DW crossposts already, but maybe some people want to keep them separate or only post to one). Then it grabs the URLs for you and waits for you to post the cleaned version of your fic to AO3 and FFnet. AO3 is more complicated, not sure it would be a great idea to automate it. You give it the URLs of those, then it spits out a formatted header and links for posting to Tumblr.

(Okay, I guess it could be used for other fanworks as well. But I usually do fic, so that's what I imagine it for.)

Think I might actually try working it out when my computer science project is turned in and finals are done. Crossposting is such a pain, even with templates, that if I can automate I really should.
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Avatar ending: (Warning, probably confusing and uses too many 'And's to begin sentences.
Spoilers! )
So yeah, all in all AWESOME!!!!

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I am loving the new Avatar so far, although I've seen the episodes shown so far. It's just SO much better to watch them with your parents on the tv screen with the trailer for the ending appearing every once in a while. Makes it MUCH more exciting! (Well, the first time anyway.)

And I love the tablet. It is awesome.

And I really, really, REALLY love the fact that the hinges on the laptop are fixed (one's been broken for forever) and the wireless is working again! Without a cardbus, even!

And I like studying Japanese. It's fun, even if it's hard. This morning when I woke up, I saw two roughly parallel scratches in the paint on my wall. The first thing I though of was that it looked like the hiragana 'ko'.

The only not good thing today was that the dentist's visit confirmed that my bottom wisdom teeth are coming in >_< kinda young for that, but teeth don't listen to your thoughts. At least no cavities.
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I just saw 312 and just finished 313 of Avatar (tired of waiting for Nick - stop screwing with us US fans!) and adksdf.

The shipper part of me squees in happiness. The not-shipper Avatar fan part of me squees in happiness. Joy all around.

Especially from 313 ♥ ♥ ♥
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Whisp did something adorable earlier: while me and my dad were watching the geometry lecture of the day (he explains a lot of stuff) Whisp started watching the tv. Seriously. After a couple of minutes, he reached up and pawed at something. He wandered off disinterestedly after finding nothing there.

Also during the lesson, I had a total 'Avatar fan' moment. The video was paused and my dad was talking about something. On the screen was a circle with two chords.

"That looks like Katara's hair loopies."
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Hope everyone had a good day yesterday :)

My costume was Katara. While last year, we tried to do her hair properly, this year we left out the little bun at the top of her braid and instead braided the hair loopies and bobby-pinned them to the braid top.

While my mom and I were out trick-or-treating, several people asked who I was. "Katara, master waterbender of the southern water tribe." Insert puzzled expressions. Had lots of fun though, and got a good amount of candy :) The only bad thing was the damn skirt tripping me up every once in awhile.

My dad let me stay up late to visit the mad king again for one of his characters.

Nanowrimo starts today... oh gods.
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Well. Couple new things.

My online college class started today - it's a nonmajor biology one. And it's not completely over my head!

Found new show to watch - Cardcaptor Sakura. I watched the dub a little when I was younger, but now I can watch it subbed.

One of my cousins is in the military... and will soon be going to Iraq for fifteen months. We're on the e-mail list, so whenever he gets the chance to send e-mail we'll recieve it. Crossing fingers he'll be okay...

And Avatar starts in a couple of weeks. *can hardly wait*

And lastly, I finished the Oblivion Main Quest a few days ago. When I got out of Paradise, I swear I had like twenty pounds of plants O_o And then my dad assigned me to basically write an Oblivion fanfic.
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I just saw the Avatar Season 3 trailer.

If you are an Avatar fan and have not seen it yet, GO FIND IT!

Teo in a tank!

Mai and Zuko kissing!

Aang with hair!

Roku's dragon!

The hot air balloons reappear!


I actually kept forgetting to breath.


Apr. 19th, 2007 11:03 pm
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Let's see...

I've kinda floated away from Xiaolin Showdown.

My consuption of Avatar fics has dived. THIRD SEASON, WHERE ARE YOOUUU?

I killed my pair of strawberry finches in Pinna by accident... I only gave them mealworms to eat. Have a new pair though.

Animal crossing it on 'pause', this time with my hybrids safe...
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My first thought after the preview to the new Avatar episode?

"The Zutara shippers are gonna have a field day..." *headhands*
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I am watching the new episodes of avatar on our second nick channel. Which rocks.

I just got back from Delaware Aerospace Academy yesterday. Yay.

...this is too short.

I joined a few new pet sites...
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Avatar! OMG! I loved it! I dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Iroh must NOT be dead. I hope he isn't. The final battle was pwnersome. I had so much energy I had to go outside and burn it off.


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