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The somewhat overdue and really long con.txt report is done! Lots of panel notes: Slash Through the Ages, Celebrating Femslash, Not Your Fandom's OTP, Holmses, Plural, Checking in on the Fannish Diaspora, Fun With Inverted Tropes, Making Story Happen, Dubcon Fucking: How Does it Work?, Support Group for the Small-fandom and Between-fandom Fans, Tag, You're It! Tagging For Fun and Profit, Rule 34 in a Magical Universe, Bi-invisible? Non-monosexual Representation in Fandom, and finally How To Put Fandom on Your Resume Without Putting Fandom on Your Resume.

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My impression: A++ will hopefully be able to go again.

Last thoughts (short because holy shit this thing is long):
I was glad to see that although I'm mostly in video game/anime fandoms at the moment (plus Star Trek TOS) I was still able to have fun and connect with people.
Everyone was nice and also friendly.
This was my kind of crowd: discussions and meta intertwined with the squee.
A little surprised at how assumed it was that you like OTW/AO3. I mean, I like AO3, but there was only one mention of "Whatever your feelings on the OTW...". But my feelings on them are way too long to fit here.
The ratio of panels I wanted to go to/panels available was far too high. Stop being so interesting, everyone! There were multiple timeslots I had to pick and choose and that's no fun :(
Zines. Ziiiines. I love physical fandom matter (you should see my doujinshi collection).

Over 8500 words. Longest con report I've ever written. But definitely worth remembering.
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Twice in a year is better than nothing, right? (Still don't understand how I keep meaning to update and then not doing so.)

I'm writing this on the bus to con.txt - more on that in a moment - where we get free Internet! Not very good Internet, admittedly, but can't complain too much. I really should be sleeping, I had trouble falling asleep and only got ~3 hours, but guess now that my brain's woken up it wants to stay up for a while.

Let's see. This Spring semester was pretty interesting, and overall not as bad as some semesters have been. I took four classes and an independent research: Japanese Calligraphy, Evolution, Cognitive Neuroscience, and Human-Computer Interaction.

Calligraphy was fun! Not that I was terribly good at it, too much of a perfectionist. But it was fun! Especially the final - we got to choose our final piece, and I did a large one about five feet tall that is now taped up across from my Dad's office - and the catching-up session where I got to do some of the more flowing pieces. I found that flowing kana especially is quite fun to write. I wore a kimono to the final and I think everyone else was more worried than I was about getting it dirty (it was fine).

Cognitive neuroscience was probably my favorite class. Brains are really interesting. I don't think I've studied how reading and math work in the brain before, so that was fun. For my term paper I wrote about the effect of video game play on visual attention processing. My final paper - ten pages - got written in the 24 hours before it was due, in which I also had to do Evolution's final presentation and move out of my dorm. I thought it was due a couple days later... well, I finished it and got somewhere around a 95, so it worked out in the end.

Human-Computer Interaction was the easiest class. I actually skipped this quite a few times (it was a Thursday evening, and often I'd be tired and want to sleep instead) but especially in the second half of the semester it wasn't a problem. We had to do a project, but given that it's a course for non-programmers... I whipped mine together in ~7 hours, one of which was spent trying to figure out how not to get an integer when dividing, and the professor really liked it - it was a demonstration of the composite and inversion effects for facial processing.

Evolution was... um. Well. It was really interesting. But. In an average week this 100-level course took more work than my 400-level cogneuro course where I had to read, analyze, and summarize scientific papers for every class. It had a ton of reading in the beginning. We had no idea what our grades were until final grades came in. Yeah.

For my independent research, I worked on trying to induce different kinds of migratory behavior in Creatures. I ended up getting a lot of ideas for my senior thesis, which I've already started to work on - a new artificial life simulation.

I also worked ~15 hours a week and helped prepare for my writing group's big event, the Reading Gala, where we had a local author come talk for a bit and then had students read their own works aloud. Not a huge crowd, but we worked hard and it was a success. Next year I'm going to be Ppesident! since our current president Jesse just graduated :( We've applied to get an office too.

Thesis, president, work... next year is either going to be fun or Fun. Overall this semester wasn't bad at all, especially since my roommate hardly ever was in our room, so I essentially had it to myself. My dysphoria bothered me a lot - but when doesn't it?

What else... outside of school, been trying to post a fic a month. I posted two in January, one in March (I think?) and wrote one for Tentacle Big Bang, but that kind of got screwed up so I didn't post it. Maybe I'll try editing it and see how bad it actually is. And May was so busy I fell behind on Get Your Words Out (a year-long writing self-challenge) and only really worked on finishing the first edit of my (original) novel.

So! Now on to con.txt, which looks like it should be interesting. I've never really been to a small con before, or a non-anime one, but I have hopes. Still freaking out a little over how to introduce myself, and, you know, talking with people, but I'm hoping everything will go fine. Here's to the weekend!


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