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So, I thought I'd missed my fic-a-month resolution for last year, and then I remembered I'd forgotten the Creatures fic I wrote for the CCSF; it wasn't on AO3, so I didn't think to count it in. That makes 12 fics, so I achieved it after all :D

Fandom-stocking was wonderful again this year. I only managed 2 fics + giving someone a poem, but I received some quite lovely ficlets, a picspam, and an icon set that included this one. Once again, I had a good time with it. Maybe next year I'll plan better and be able to write/make more things.

On a non-fandom note, I talked with a professor from one of the grad schools I applied to on the phone yesterday. It sounds like I'm probably going to get an offer from them! It was one of my top schools and my parents really want me to go to this particular school, so I'm pretty pleased.

Told GoodReads that I wanted to read 15 books this year. I've already read three out of five Christmas books, one on tea and the two Lockwood & Co novels by Jonathon Stroud. Why isn't there more fandom for these books, whyyyy. At least I have the next one to look forward to later this year.... Fourth book so far is the first Maximum Ride novel, which I haven't read in ages. I'm using it for, uh, inspiration (in the 'I can do so much better than this' sort of way) so I thought I'd actually look at the books again rather than using my six?-year-old memories + Wikipedia. Thoughts on this one:

‣Come on, seriously, was it necessary to use the 'it was like watching a movie' metaphor three times? Editor, where were you?
‣Random powers for no reason (seriously, why breathing underwater?)! Random powers that appear right when they are useful (the touching things lets you see what happened to that thing previously in time thing, for example)! Random powers that are never actually useful to the plot (like imitating voices)!
‣The plot gets a little tiresome in the second half. Flock advances one plot point. Flock is ambushed by Erasers out of nowhere. Flock escapes. Flock advances one plot point....
‣Does not need to be divided up into such short chapters. One was less than a page long, for crying out loud.
‣The non-Max characters could have used more development, especially given that this thing is 400 pages long. Could have axed out some of those useless Eraser attacks and put those pages towards character drama or something instead.
‣'I'm letting them catch our scent.' ...they're birds. ...okay, I googled this and apparently some birds can, actually, smell. So I'll give him the benefit of the doubt on this one.
‣Some of the plot points happened very quickly; I'm thinking of the escape from the School, but there were others, and that made the plot feel more like a string of events than a story, if that makes any sense.
‣Why was Ella so attached to Max after, like, one day? I can see her being upset that her newfound friend is leaving, but going 'You're like my sister!' is a little ridiculous if she's supposed to be older than ten.

Overall more okay than I feared, but could have used more editing. Or at least less throwing in things 'cause they're cool.
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Sometimes when I get sick, instead of being tired and wanting to sleep all the time, I get insomnia.

Which is why I slept all yesterday afternoon, then stayed up all night until I could take a walk in the early morning rain. I got an opportunity to wear my cape - it's tan with nice brown grosgrain ribbon around the hem, and a beautifully bright red lining, and good deep pockets, and did I mention it has a sailor collar. (I really love this cape, is what I'm saying.) Helped keep me dry under the huge umbrella - it's one of those light-up ones. Doesn't actually light much up, but if it were dark and you just wanted to read a business card or something, I guess it would help.

Anyway, my brain went a bit into overdrive thinking about some things I've watched lately.

Legend of Korra )
Tron: Legacy )
Pacific Rim )

I've also been thinking about programming an automatic fanfic cross-posting program for a while. You'd feed it a clean html'd version of your fic, it would pick out the excess paragraph tags, and then ask you for different headers. You fill out your info, it posts to DW/LJ as you wish (well, my DW crossposts already, but maybe some people want to keep them separate or only post to one). Then it grabs the URLs for you and waits for you to post the cleaned version of your fic to AO3 and FFnet. AO3 is more complicated, not sure it would be a great idea to automate it. You give it the URLs of those, then it spits out a formatted header and links for posting to Tumblr.

(Okay, I guess it could be used for other fanworks as well. But I usually do fic, so that's what I imagine it for.)

Think I might actually try working it out when my computer science project is turned in and finals are done. Crossposting is such a pain, even with templates, that if I can automate I really should.
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While writing for it made me quite busy, I was really happy with the Trick or Treat exchange. The other three exchanges I did this year, I managed to end up on the pinch-hit list every time which made me worry about my ability to write prompts. This time I stayed off of it. And not only did I have the opportunity to write some things that I don't usually touch, I got four lovely stories, which really brightened up my day. Now I just need to cross-post everything. I wonder if it's possible to write a script to automate that....

Around the same time I was busy finishing stuff for the Creatures Community Spirit Festival, but unfortunately after the third day (out of fourteen) the website went haywire due to PHP version switching (?) so things haven't been posted for that. Ah, well. I'm proud of the little triptych I wrote for it, though a little surprised that I managed introspection from a game with literally no characters.

Made the mistake of signing up for Flight Rising during the last registration window. Why are pixel dragons so addicting?

I really should go work on my thesis now, or at least my NaNo project - due to not being able to write a couple of days, I'm behind.
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The somewhat overdue and really long con.txt report is done! Lots of panel notes: Slash Through the Ages, Celebrating Femslash, Not Your Fandom's OTP, Holmses, Plural, Checking in on the Fannish Diaspora, Fun With Inverted Tropes, Making Story Happen, Dubcon Fucking: How Does it Work?, Support Group for the Small-fandom and Between-fandom Fans, Tag, You're It! Tagging For Fun and Profit, Rule 34 in a Magical Universe, Bi-invisible? Non-monosexual Representation in Fandom, and finally How To Put Fandom on Your Resume Without Putting Fandom on Your Resume.

Thursday )
Friday )
Saturday )
Sunday )

My impression: A++ will hopefully be able to go again.

Last thoughts (short because holy shit this thing is long):
I was glad to see that although I'm mostly in video game/anime fandoms at the moment (plus Star Trek TOS) I was still able to have fun and connect with people.
Everyone was nice and also friendly.
This was my kind of crowd: discussions and meta intertwined with the squee.
A little surprised at how assumed it was that you like OTW/AO3. I mean, I like AO3, but there was only one mention of "Whatever your feelings on the OTW...". But my feelings on them are way too long to fit here.
The ratio of panels I wanted to go to/panels available was far too high. Stop being so interesting, everyone! There were multiple timeslots I had to pick and choose and that's no fun :(
Zines. Ziiiines. I love physical fandom matter (you should see my doujinshi collection).

Over 8500 words. Longest con report I've ever written. But definitely worth remembering.
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After my partner yet again failed on me >-> that freaking project is done! and! over with! I never want to touch Racket again, ugh. I did get 98 on my Research in Psych exam, at least, so today wasn't all bad.

I still hate Tumblr after signing up for an account. It took me two hours just to get the layout right - most of the free default ones suck, of those that don't most didn't fit what I was going for, and the one I did go with resized pictures up :| When I went looking at user-made themes... most of them also such. Why all the narrow layouts? This is 2012, I think we can handle more than 500 pixels wide. I did finally find one that was actually readable, though it still took a little while to adjust font size, etc, to be exactly what I wanted it to be.

I am getting my stream of pretty pictures, at least, including many with kimono. I'll see how well it works out for fandom things.

Hetalia Day under the cut:
It was fun~ )
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Otakon log I realized I never posted )

I just found this in my mail drafts (where I save writing I do during work hours) and realized I never actually posted it ^^'

I've been taking a bit of a break from lj the past couple months... not that I've moved onto tumblr (though I am now on it! ... haven't posted anything yet though). I still don't really get tumblr and though I like the photoblogs, there's a lot of aspects of it I don't like.

Work is going well - yay monies. Last week was busier than usual as the department was putting on a tech fair, and I actually liked working at it. I was very tempted to just skip my compsci class that day and work through it >->

Compsci, I actually don't like all that much, although I was kind of looking forward to it. One of the problems is that we are using a language I really don't like. It makes programming not fun (in an introductory compsci course!!) and instead frustrating. The professor also tends to get repetitive with the examples. Oh, and last week my partner emailed me the day an update on our monthly project was due, saying he had no idea what to do. I'd done most of the lab for that week already, and then I had to completely rewrite the project :/ When I already had plans. After having work earlier. Yeah, he's doing the lab this week while I finish the project :|

Calc is going okay. The professor has an interesting accent.

Research in psych is interesting. I like reading about how studies get put together and how to tell if it's good or not, and it's reaffirmed my promise to never ever trust a general article on any scientific study ever. Only a few sources get my trust there, like Bad Astronomy. I looked at a Wired article for a paper and compared it to the original study, and they actually did pretty well, so they might get whitelisted too.

Neuroscience is really interesting. The professor did tell me I should drop the course because I'd already taken the equivalent, but I do need both for my major and if it sounds weird, well, he's not my adviser, is he? And we are covering more stuff in a different way... Anyway, brains are really really interesting and I could write poems about neurons, so I like this class, not to mention I'm one of the few people actually getting an A in it.

I still wish I was taking a Japanese class, but between three homework-heavy classes I really shouldn't add another - I'm busy enough between these, work, and all the clubs and activities I do.

I went to Hetalia Day in Philadelphia again this year, but that really deserves its own writeup. And I need to go find that Japan log I have on my netbook...
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A couple of weeks ago I ordered some kimono stuff off of ebay for a very cheap price, and it just arrived today. Two haori and a furisode. They're all so beautiful~~ And they all feel really nice, especially the furisode. I'm really happy with the purchase.

I'm taking Japanese again this semester, and astronomy with lab. I already know a lot about astronomy, so between that and the fact that the headteacher seems pretty new at what she is doing which leaves a lot of dead spots in her lectures, it's not a very exciting class. We only have a few night labs, which seems a little weird for an astronomy class, but we haven't had one yet. I do hope that we get them done soon, it's starting to get cold out, especially at night.

I've also decided that I want to try cosplay. The costume I chose is pretty simple, but since it's based on a national costume that has a lot of embroidery, I decided to add some of that to it, and that's going to take a while to do. Ah well, as long as I work on it everyday, it has to get done eventually, right?

My mom and I are also planning a study involving fandom and its social networks. If we can end up going through with it, I think it will be very interesting. Hope that we get the grant...

Tomorrow I'm going to take the SAT again. So far in the practice tests I've been doing pretty well, so I'm not terribly nervous. As long as I get enough sleep, eat a good breakfast, and have a lot of tea in the morning, I think that it should go fairly well. I nearly always have time left at the end of the sections, so I'll be able to check over my answers thoroughly. I just hope that I get a decent writing prompt this time. The one I got last time was kind of... well, it was pretty boring. One of the practice tests had a really excellent one...

Anyway, I need to go to sleep, so good night~


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