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[In English: It's snowing~]

I was surprised to get up to let Whisp sit on the porch and see snow coming down. I didn't think that it was cold enough for that yet! It's only barely starting to stick to the brick, but the lawn is getting pretty covered up.

I had my kanji final on Thursday - it's going to be graded harshly, but we got the test ahead of time to practice. Yesterday I submitted my final big paper for the English course. An argumentative essay about fanfiction, it was really fun to write.

I hit 50k words on the 27th. I still need to finish my plot, though. I think it's more of a 70k~80k word book, although I'm not entirely sure. It'll finish when it finishes, I suppose... and I still need to edit my previous two. I'm planning on doing that when my English course is done.

This morning I lazed around in bed for a little while, thinking about the ships my characters can make (from book 1 and theoretical VN). Like, "A&C and B&D might be the official ships, but A&B would make a decent couple. A would be eternally patient with B, who would really like having someone she could convince to do almost anything with her, although in the end it would be more like their regular friendship. Not B&C, though. She'd get too impatient at him, he'd be too shy when it came to anything romantic..." Is this weird? *laugh* It's fun, though.

Oh, and I bought some YnM doujinshi from Yahoo!Japan Auctions. It was more expensive than I would have like, but the doujinshi themselves were cheap (¥300 each) and it was of a pairing I love. (Any guesses? Heh...) The first time I looked, too. Planning on writing a review of the shopping service (Crescent Shop), which was overall positive.

Aaaand finally, I'm really excited about the announcement of volume 12 for YnM! And I found this blog post from someone in Japanese: "Yamimatsu new book! I can die now!Wait, I can't die until I read it (line break) I love Yamimatsu!" With a few more exclamation marks. (And it seems that the release date is this person's birthday, too?) For some reason, it made me really happy to read that (besides the fact that I could). I guess fangirling (even if it's a guy? I'm not sure...) is universal ♥
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Had a very short, very fierce bit of storm earlier. I was glad I brought Whisp in because I saw the light changing and it seemed like rain was on its way. And just a few moments after I thought 'this might knock the power out' the power went out. We just got it back fifteen or twenty minutes ago as it was getting too dark outside to read. It went out about 3:30, I think. That was today's adventure.

My mom's getting back from China tonight. She climbed a lot of mountains - some on foot, some by horse - and visited several temples and caves. She also crossed a couple of very scary-sounding gaps.

I've been having trouble sleeping again. A few nights ago I was up until at least four, and the night after at least three thirty, and last night it was closer to four again. At least one good thing did come of it... I was making up a story as I went to sleep, as usual, and all of a sudden I realized that I really liked the story, so I got up and wrote a summary the mini-notebook I keep on my desk. It filled nine and a half pages and my hand was hurting, but I wrote the whole thing down. I should write it up properly. It kind of surprised me, since it was/is rather dark and includes characters dying, which I don't usually write. Especially not about characters I care about (this was/is fanfic), since I have done it sometimes for oneoff characters.

My summer chem course starts next Monday.
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Hey, body? Guess what is the appropriate amount of time to fall asleep when the next day is Monday? Hint: not more than two hours.

I fiddled around with the journal layout thing. I wonder why it reset mine when I upgraded to the new engine? Anyway, I hope it's readable on other peoples' monitors too. Now I just have to get used to it...

Just added 14 stories and 1 author to my favorites list at ffdotnet. They've been building up for a few days. My number of tabs is now down from their obscene level from when I finished Fruits Basket and went on a fic binge. And I've added some fanart sites to my bookmarks, ~10 I think. I'm glad I've got some Yami no Matsuei sites now, most of the ones on the link list I found were dead - more than three-fourths of them, I'm sure. 404s should stay in nightmares.

I recently discover that I've bred the top Tibetan Spaniel on Furry-Paws ever. The top 2 even. When I told my dad this, he said I could write an essay on it, so I did. There's still a little more I want to do with it before calling it finished, but it's three thousand words and four and a half pages (with internet formatting).
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Well. Apparently I've decided to learn Japanese - I started yesterday. My mom picked me up a copy of the the book that the universtiy uses for their beginning Japanese course.

And I finished another chapter of asffa (avatar fic) - almost done!
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Fwee, total eclipse tonight.

Completed another game of Princess Maker 2. This time I actually got my daughter to become a princess! But if you cheat, it's really not that hard...

Lessee... um, not really much going on except that the WebCT server hosting my online courses went down on Friday (I think, we didn't check it till Saturday) and just came back today. We went and got my lectures on CD.

And both my Invader Zim fics have the same amount of views on
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Well. Couple new things.

My online college class started today - it's a nonmajor biology one. And it's not completely over my head!

Found new show to watch - Cardcaptor Sakura. I watched the dub a little when I was younger, but now I can watch it subbed.

One of my cousins is in the military... and will soon be going to Iraq for fifteen months. We're on the e-mail list, so whenever he gets the chance to send e-mail we'll recieve it. Crossing fingers he'll be okay...

And Avatar starts in a couple of weeks. *can hardly wait*

And lastly, I finished the Oblivion Main Quest a few days ago. When I got out of Paradise, I swear I had like twenty pounds of plants O_o And then my dad assigned me to basically write an Oblivion fanfic.
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Note to self:

1. Finish Avatar School for Fanfiction Authors. Work on other on the side if ideas come, but focus on ASfFA.
2. Work on If Sphericus was Earth and Sailor Irk - 'specially on the first one, but still both.
3. Finish Sailor Irk someday. Work on that oneshot thing I want to write.
4. Figure out what to write next.
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My Creatures fanfic, If Sphericus Was Earth, has reached 100 hits! know, that sounds really pathetic.
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Current Obsession: Spirited Away. So much fanfic... and not too much of it is gods-awful! (Unlike Avatar...)

I redid the jounal look a couple of days ago. I like it much better now.
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Gods, it's been awhile since I updated. And I shall not go into what's happened since then, other than: GS bridging, now in Providence for trip.

Today we went to an Art Museum. Some parts were so freaking cold I wish I had brought my jacket. It was kindof nice. Though I rather dislike Art Museums. So boring sometimes...

One of my favorite fansites is back up! MG inc.! Yes! And Babyz is now on the tablet. *dances*



Feb. 8th, 2006 07:40 pm
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About thirty minutes or so after last post, wireless got working on tablet again! Yay!

Today I got to go visit a mouth/face surgeon. After waiting what was probably 45 min. in the waiting room, we finally got to go in. In a week, I'm going in again. My last tooth to come in, a molar, is coming in at a bad angle, on top of another molar behind it, so I' getting minor... surgery? Pull back part of the gum, attach a bracket, stitch back up again. (with disolving stitches) I think it helps that I have braces already, and the tooth isn't fully developed, or something like that. I get either Novacain shot in the mouth, or if I'm nervous, something to make me sleepy. Eh.

I started an Avatar fanfic a few days ago. Trying to do a chapter a day. Is called Avatar School for Fanficton Authors. Posted it on


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