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Hey, body? Guess what is the appropriate amount of time to fall asleep when the next day is Monday? Hint: not more than two hours.

I fiddled around with the journal layout thing. I wonder why it reset mine when I upgraded to the new engine? Anyway, I hope it's readable on other peoples' monitors too. Now I just have to get used to it...

Just added 14 stories and 1 author to my favorites list at ffdotnet. They've been building up for a few days. My number of tabs is now down from their obscene level from when I finished Fruits Basket and went on a fic binge. And I've added some fanart sites to my bookmarks, ~10 I think. I'm glad I've got some Yami no Matsuei sites now, most of the ones on the link list I found were dead - more than three-fourths of them, I'm sure. 404s should stay in nightmares.

I recently discover that I've bred the top Tibetan Spaniel on Furry-Paws ever. The top 2 even. When I told my dad this, he said I could write an essay on it, so I did. There's still a little more I want to do with it before calling it finished, but it's three thousand words and four and a half pages (with internet formatting).
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We were part of the area that got hit with snow, so I took the opportunity to go sledding (which I didn't get to do last year). I had a lot of fun, but my dad got blasted by the wind at the top of the hill. I also managed to collide with some other people on another sled because I didn't seem them in time to break very much, but nobody got very hurt. I bruised my thumb when I landed on it, and thankfully that seems to be it.

Today it was really nice out. Above 70, even.

I got a dog on Furry-Paws to level 50 today. That's my highest ever (and I just set a new record a few weeks ago!) and she's only 46 days old. This generation is sure doing well; I have three dogs above fourty (including them, I've had ten total) plus the one above fifty and nine over thirty. Most of them are Tibbies. My Border Collies are kinda just moving along...

Last night I had a little bit of a weird dream. It started out as Matt/Near and they were just sitting on a king-sized bed in a small room. And at some point Matt said something about Mello being right outside the door (even though he wasn't, and Matt knew that) but I don't quite remember the context. And then it changed to something about a murder case, and everybody was in the style of the Sims, and I was the murderer at first. But then the police used dogs to track it down to my neighborhood, and me and my parents were collecting DNA from the entrance road (?!) and comparing it to my parents' DNA (I think) using a little hand-held device. But when it came up a match it suddenly changed and I wasn't the murderer anymore, so the DNA didn't match.

If there's such a thing as a 'normal' dream, I don't think I have them.

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My mouth seems to be healing up well.

I think Whisp had a nightmare last night. Cause all of a sudden he gave out a few really really quick breaths and then jumped to the ground and crouched there for a few moments.

We also got more snow... which turned into very gentle rain.

My third FP anniversary was a few days ago. Congrats FP. You managed to hold my attention longer than any other game. I wonder what it is about you? Maybe it's that little happy feeling I get when I see a dog at level 39 and only 31 days old?
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I retired my current best-ever dog on FP a few days ago. She hit level 47. And bred with another dog that was 44, one of the puppy's I'm keeping from the litter has 112 con already :D Cookies should bring that up to 136 on day 12 *smilesmile*

Things I want to do this year:
1. Go to Japan. Ok, that one's easy, seeing as we're very probably going to go there for vacation this summer. For three weeks. I get to help navigate.

2. Get better at Japanese. This one's easy too, seeing as I'm already signed up for that in-person class. It begins February 9, I think (breath, don't panic, be calm...).

3. Finish editing my novel in line with my dad's suggestions. Begin on editing the second one.

4. Write a Kurikara/Sohryu fic (or Sohryu/Kurikara, if the order matters). Because I got hopelessly in love with it for a while but came up with very little, and you know what they say: if nobody else writes it, write it yourself. I've already got an idea for one, but I'll see how it turns out.

5. Just write more period. That CCS fic I have in my head. The Guild Wars/Avatar crossover thingy. That YnM AU where Tsuzuki won against Kurikara instead of losing. A review of IS, when I finish it.

That's enough for now, I think.
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Got my mom typing in Tibetan and got it working in Mnemosyne for her ^_^

And both Phoenix Wright JFA and GW:EN are way too addicting. I get up, get food, play GW, go do something else after a couple of hours, and then in the evening I play JFA. It's nice!

I also got this weird message from someone on Furry-Paws. Okay, first they messaged me asking if I wanted to buy any of their dogs, I said that none of them were the kind I was interested and anyway I had enough. They ask if there's anyone I know that would like to buy, I say no. It goes into suggestions for selling their dogs, because they really want rid of them. I suggest the pound or $0. They respond that they are against pounds (because dogs die there. As if the streets are really any better...) and don't want to sell them for $0. What about just $500?

"So... why should other people buy from you when they can get a dog from the pet store themselves?"

Their answer was - I'm serious! - "b cuz im special"
Why can people think like that? *cry*
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Trying to get my first gen norns to breed in C1... will go to C3/DS soon too.

Something more important: I can't remember the exact date I re-started playing FP again. But it's definitely passed by now, and it's been two years. That's the longest time a game has every held my attention. Ever.
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Mother came home Friday. And she brought with her the laptop! Yay, laptop! *pets*

FP's random events haven't been nice to me - lots of the 'pointless' ones, occasionally 1 FPD, one about 4.5k. Then, while I was re-accesorizing my dogs, I got an acorn! Literally about 30 seconds later, I found a statue piece. Yay!

Made a Sailor Moon slideshow to 'Power of Love'. Now it is stuck in my head. Not yay.

Yay for moment: +2
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Gave myself a new FP layout. Started last night, just finished a few minutes ago.

It's green. Spring Green.
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I feel awful. I don't think I got enough sleep last night and now my throat hurts. I'm only still up cause of FP.


Oct. 15th, 2006 01:37 pm
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Yeah, I decided to start posting again. Fwee.

I've started playing AC again. Have 6 hybrids after a week or so of playing. And the entire Mush series.

FP: Entered BB with BCs and Mini Dachsunds. Yay?

Moutonking: I bred a golden sheepie! Yay!

Human-Age: I evolved to Age 2 a while ago.

Mom's in China. I miss her. Tibet is part of China. It didn't use to be. Boo. Also, China once beat 50000 dogs to death to try and control rabies (even ones with current rabies vaccinations; guess they thought those don't work) and would pay people 76 cents or so to beat their own dog to death.


Mar. 25th, 2006 09:22 pm
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I dislike the color scheme for this thing. I should change it. Some other time. Right now entering fp doggies in their shows. With two computers. Yay. Should not have dt puppy in tracking. Only 22 entries today. And so I must enter the rest of his entries in Show. Which is not good for him. Eh. Oh, well. Not my complete fault. Breeder trained him in SHOW. Herding group dogs in SHOW!!!

On the upside, I made a dailies list. For these pet-things I do, I mean.

Listed in order of priority:
Animal Crossing Wild World (ds... not today. Too late. Unless much time.)
Adopt Me (simple...)
Furry-paws other account (rehoming)

Getting back to doggies now...

(TOO MANY ...'S!!!!!!)

Yay! :)

Mar. 7th, 2006 10:27 pm
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Three cheers for my mom! bShe just got me this fun/usefull new art program. Corall painter. Twas reallly frustrating at first, bbut now that I'm getting it a bit more, mueche more fun!

Three cheers for me! Painter was acting wonky, with the colors being alll screwed up and stuff. But I figured out the problem. I was using 16-bit color. The program needs at least 24. I changed it. Go PAINT! That's how I got the idea.

Three cheers for my FP dogs! Doing -so- much better now that I'm entering them manually again.SEF is faster, but the doggies get entered in the same overcrowded shows that everyone else is entering. And I bought a new border collie from someone. Level one bred, but when I get him DT in Trackin g, he shouldn't do to bad.

Please excuse bad spelling. Written in Tablet mode and I can't see what I'm typin. And too lazy to spell check this. ^.^


Feb. 26th, 2006 08:36 pm
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I know, I said I would update a few days ago, but A: I forgot and B: I was busy. Anyway, yesterday we went on a hike. It was a nice day, warmish too. Near the end, we were out in a field near the parking... lot? Wasn't quite big enough... area then. It was so s p a c e y. I wanted to lay down on my back, even roll around. Or dash back into the cool shade of the woods, with the river and trees... but I didn't. I just walked slowly. And I usually walk fairly fast.

*pokes furry-paws* Why are you lagging so, furry-paws? WHY? To counter it, today and yesterday I got my dogs showed by a SEF shower. Today, though, s/he was a basic player, and I'm elite, so I'm finishing up their last 50 shows as I speak. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, ignore this paragraph ^.^

I played a bit of online checkers a little bit ago. I won, which is the only time I can remeber winning at checkers... It was close though.

Guess I did tell you why I was getting mouth surgery... I was to lazy/forgetful to go check/remeber. -_-

This online journal thing is going well. :)Going to go play the Sims now...


Feb. 23rd, 2006 07:53 pm
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Well, the mouth surgery was today... I got Novacain, btw. What felt like three minutes into it they said I was almost done, and they hadn't given me the Novacain yet!

Maybe I should exlain, don't think I did. One of my last molars is coming in on the molar behind it. So they cut away the gum, stuck a bracket on, stitched it up. Now it kind of hurts, but at least I can eat!

Anyway, they needed to redo the bracket, so they gave me the Novacain shot, which was probably the thing that hurt most... OUCH!!! Before that, I barely even felt anything! Anyway, what seemed like ten minutes later, I was done, got the guaze and stuff, and after an x-ray, we went home! He said I was very good.

We did have to wait a bit, though. I brought along Warriors: The New Prophecy: Dawn. Good series, I recomend it.

Furry-paws Breed Boost is going well, too. So are my dogs. Yay. ^_^

Yesterday we took the cats, Starlight and Whisp, to the vet. A few days ago, I had a Girl Scout meeting, I think that went well... I'll write more tommorrow.


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