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I feel like I actually have free time for once in the past... two months? Three?

Spent ~3 weeks arranging grad school visits (two of them) and then doing visits. Of course, after that I had to catch up on all the work I didn't manage to get done... but! I have officially accepted an offer! So now I'm on the track to a Ph.D. (Aaah, no, I don't want to spend the next five years doing more school! ...but I can't get the kinds of jobs I want with a B.S, so I guess it can't be helped.)

My thesis first draft has been sent, and even the second one. No more hours of late-night programming. Now I just need to get my third reader to help schedule the defense.

Also have an event this week with my writing group. As president, I had to deal with Event Services. It went something like this:
me: *submits room reservation*
(Two weeks pass)
me: Um, VP, can you call them? My throat is sore and our event is on Friday and we have no confirmation.
VP: *calls*
VP: We had to move our event to next Thursday because there were no rooms available.
me: Okay?
Guest Speaker: I can bring my 5 o'clock class now!
me: *reading confirmation email* We have to move our event to an hour later because we wanted catering? Can't we just bring our own food then?
Event Services: Actually, it wasn't catering, it was the room! Either take it or change your room!
me: Um, guest speaker?
Guest speaker: ...I guess I can let class out early.
me: Now to go change all of the notices again.

Yeah, so that was fun.

And also I've been arranging my graduation trip to Europe (Baltics + Iceland). After a year of bugging people about it, I have precisely one friend who can come. C'est la vie. My dad will join us for part of the trip, too. Still trying to work out details.

Things I have worked in for fun around all that:
Genesis of Aquarion, Boueibu, Betrayal in Krondor, and Hikago )
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It's the end of the year, so I think I should update...

I got A's in both Japanese and English. That's a year's worth of credits now, all 'A'.

We got some more snow again last night. Not like the foot and a half we got during that big storm that hit everywhere, just a couple of inches. Enough to dust the bushes and covered the walkway.

I saw the Harry Potter 6 film and was impressed by the special effects (the fire!). I was less impressed with them changing the ending. Without that big battle at the end? There is no climax. :/ Couldn't they have put 10 minutes of fighting in? 5? At least a couple? Rather than just having everybody run off without any trouble.

My early Christmas present was a new computer! There was some trouble with it, though... the first one they shipped us screeched when it was rebooted. But not turned on from a cold start. My dad spent a lot of time on the phone, and it took two and a half hours for him to convince them that it was defective on arrival and that we wanted a new one. And the hard drive was poking out when it arrived... Quality control?

The second one works perfectly! It's pretty good for playing games, and has a separate numpad (it's rather big) and I can play Oblivion on it just fine! A couple of nights ago, I installed Creatures 3 and DS on it, too, and my feral run has gone 27 hours so far. Now I want to write my fanfic again~ Which I should do. Instead of only thinking about doing.

I got Final Fantasy VII for Christmas, too. And books - including Kamikaze Girls (oh, Viz, why did you rename it something so awful?), a book about a girl who goes to spy school, and the first book in a fantasy series based on Japan. It's called "Across the Nightingale Floor", which is a floor that was used to prevent people from sneaking in - it squeaks! We went to a castle that had them, and I couldn't hear it under my feet, but it definitely was creaking under everybody else's.

Happy New Year, everyone~
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Midterms were over last week. I got 103/100 on my written (!) and hopefully did okay on my oral.

I've gotten started again on editing my book (the first one, I mean). And am resisting the temptation to get started on a third. No brain, I have enough projects for the moment!

I love spring. Not particularly more so than any other season, but we have a ton of daffodils and the forsythias are in bloom, and the air is so fresh. And it's raining and warm again. It's been a while since I've felt mud under my feet.

I can hardly believe it's April already.

Today I started playing Chrono Trigger, which I got for Christmas never got around to starting. I'm not very far into it yet, but I'm having fun.


Jan. 31st, 2009 10:28 pm
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We got a Wii today!

We also got a flatscreen TV and a PS3. And more importantly, Super Mario Galaxy.

Me and my dad tried out the Wiii sports, and tomorrow I want to play Super Mario Galaxy...

Seriously, after three(plus?) years of wanting one (including before it was released) this is pretty awesome.
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So uh, I was going to post about this last night and I forgot and anyway it's happened now.

I got my wisdom teeth out.

Now that it's stopped bleeding (and thank goodness too, I used up every last piece of gauze they gave us >_>) and I've taken some pain medication (not the prescription stuff, it's four pills of ibuprofin *can't remember brand name*) it's really not that bad. The anesthesia was actually kind of fun, I had a dream. And the iv they used to put it in was less obnoxious than the blood pressure cuff.

I think I remember asking my dad, when I had just woken up from the anesthesia, if this was the sort of thing that people took illegal drugs for. And also that I was seeing double. And I lost my center of balance somewhere. Whee.

My  mom took me to the writer's group tonight, too.

Oh, and I think that Abaddon is officially the easiest god to kill ever. I easily beat him - in hard mode - again. I wish that we had the kind of fireworks that Tyria does.
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Merry Christmas to everyone~

I had a very good time today. Well, for most of the days so far. I kinda woke up at 1:30, tried to fall asleep until 2:40, got up to read for twenty minutes, and tried to fall asleep for another half hour. At that point I just gave up and read on the computer until about 5:15.

I got the Death Note novel (which I read pretty much immediately, and absolutely love) and Trauma Center 2 (which is different from the previous one, but for the most part I like it - just not the new sprites of the old people. Especially Derek and Angie. Yuck) and this beautiful little lunchbox from Japan (it's so pretty, it has sakura on the lid and it's a deep maroon color, I can hardly wait to eat out of it). And books, of course. *still has way too much to read*

Oh, and I discovered later that, if I slow down a little and push myself some more, I jog a whole half mile. Which I did not know. And I might've been able to go for a bit more, but I told my mom I'd be back soon and I didn't want to stay out too long.

All in all, it's been a pretty good day.
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I hit 20674 words today with about 2000 words written, so I'm a little ahead. My main character just had to go through the, as she puts it, "gym class from absolute hell." Thanks to my mother for ideas on how to make it evilly bad >D Murphy's Law well-enacted.

Played WHILS today (I signed up yesterday, but had to get off the computer right after) and it is way too addicting ♥

Excerpt: Worst. Gym. Class. Ever. )
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Finished the second Phoenix Wright game a few minutes ago. The ending was good...

Last Friday I saw the last four episodes of Princess Tutu. I wonder why I've read reviews saying that it was a bad ending? I was expecting everybody to die or something, but it turned out just fine to me! Full of awesomeness. Ranks as one of my favorites.

And I read Good Omens on the weekend. I've learned three new words because of it and I have a bunch of favorite parts (the flaming car! ultra-black! 'vaguely sauntered downwards'!). Good book.
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Got my mom typing in Tibetan and got it working in Mnemosyne for her ^_^

And both Phoenix Wright JFA and GW:EN are way too addicting. I get up, get food, play GW, go do something else after a couple of hours, and then in the evening I play JFA. It's nice!

I also got this weird message from someone on Furry-Paws. Okay, first they messaged me asking if I wanted to buy any of their dogs, I said that none of them were the kind I was interested and anyway I had enough. They ask if there's anyone I know that would like to buy, I say no. It goes into suggestions for selling their dogs, because they really want rid of them. I suggest the pound or $0. They respond that they are against pounds (because dogs die there. As if the streets are really any better...) and don't want to sell them for $0. What about just $500?

"So... why should other people buy from you when they can get a dog from the pet store themselves?"

Their answer was - I'm serious! - "b cuz im special"
Why can people think like that? *cry*
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I was up till 3, got up at 11, and then played Guild Wars for about 6 hours (which felt more like 2). I guess that explains where most of today went.
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Yesterday my mom took me shopping. First we stopped at a store called GameStop to get a Deoxys (picked up Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney too - so freaking fun!). Then we went to a couple of clothes shops to get me sandles and a swim suit. I also picked out a dress. Which I will probably hardly hardly hardly ever wear, but it was nice! And purple! *has few purple clothes* And I managed to stop her from making me try on anything more...

And today, my mom ordered me a tablet. She is awesomeness incarnated. *glee* Since the tablet pc is really really borked. Not only is the harddrive broken, but so is the motherboard. Which means this is like the fourth thing wrong with it.

My dad's reading my novel! And making suggestions! Which are good! *love for him too*

Tomorrow I'm going to a night over at the beach with my Girl Scout troop.

And that's about it.
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Played through the last two missions of Guild Wars Nightfall today - I killed Abadon!

And the hero worship that was severely lacking in Prohpecies is very much present.

I felt less deserving though - I got through the penultimate mission on my fourth or so try, and the last one on my second - in only 14 minutes 11 seconds. The last prophecies missions were a lot harder, I remember.
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One of my friends came for a sleepover last night. We had fun.

I got an A on both of my tests. Yes!

I spent some of my afternoon in nastalgia. I got the old Win 98 laptop from my mom's office, plugged it in in the sunroom, and started up a new game of Betrayl in Antara. Now, I've never played Betrayl in Krondor, but Antara's always been one of my favorite games (I remember watching my dad play it when I was little) and I can't understand why people hate on it so much. *very confused* No, it's not the best game in the world. It's not the worst either.
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Fwee, total eclipse tonight.

Completed another game of Princess Maker 2. This time I actually got my daughter to become a princess! But if you cheat, it's really not that hard...

Lessee... um, not really much going on except that the WebCT server hosting my online courses went down on Friday (I think, we didn't check it till Saturday) and just came back today. We went and got my lectures on CD.

And both my Invader Zim fics have the same amount of views on
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I beat X1 of Trauma Center! w00t! Finally! With only six seconds left to go, too.

I beat X2 as well, on my second try. X3's going to give me a nice ammount of trouble, though - those thorns are so sharp, it's hard not to get a bunch of misses!
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One more reason why my dad is awesome: he lets me play Hellgate: London (rated M for violence, I think, and maybe language). Hellgate is really fun.
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Hope everybody had a good day yesterday!

My dad got Hellgate London from my mom, and made a joke about me not being able to play it until I'm 17. (It's rated M.) I pointed out that so was Oblivion and some CSI game I played a few years ago (and so was Dungeon Seige 2)...

I got lots of manga - all of Tokyo Babylon (which I read in one day), first three volumes of X, first volume of Cardcaptor Sakura, all but the first volume of Wish (got the first from the library) and some of Fruits Basket (which I've barely heard of, but it says that it's the best-selling shojo manga in America). I also got a couple of games, a wireless mouse, a couple hair thingies, and a few gift cards. And chocolate. And I got to be around my parents without either of them working or playing games or something.

And I get the week off (except for having to finish my book, but that's not school). Christmas = best holiday ever.
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Just hit 10k grains of rice on - not only is it fun and educational, it also feeds the hungry!
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Well. Couple new things.

My online college class started today - it's a nonmajor biology one. And it's not completely over my head!

Found new show to watch - Cardcaptor Sakura. I watched the dub a little when I was younger, but now I can watch it subbed.

One of my cousins is in the military... and will soon be going to Iraq for fifteen months. We're on the e-mail list, so whenever he gets the chance to send e-mail we'll recieve it. Crossing fingers he'll be okay...

And Avatar starts in a couple of weeks. *can hardly wait*

And lastly, I finished the Oblivion Main Quest a few days ago. When I got out of Paradise, I swear I had like twenty pounds of plants O_o And then my dad assigned me to basically write an Oblivion fanfic.
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Newest addiction: Pinna and Creatures.

Pinna is a game about virtual bird. You can breed them and stuff, and the birds look really realistic.

Mrf. I want a Wii. Or some Sailor Moon episode DVDs. I have the money, but I can't buy either one of them. Actually, I'm not sure about having enough money for a Wii but still. Maybe I'll ask my mom when she gets home. Maybe.


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