Feb. 22nd, 2012 12:57 am
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...so for once my not updating isn't completely my fault! First, I went to visit my cousin for a week (more on that later) and then pretty much as soon as I got back I was back at my dorm, and for some reason I couldn't access LJ (and a couple of other sites) from the network until just recently.

So, yeah. I had a good winter break. I didn't really do much of note. Worked on some projects... I have a bunch of stuff written that I need to edit and post already.

My classes are going well so far. I ended up dropping my math class on the last day of free drop-add for a stat class that I need for my CogSci major. It's online, which is nice. My previous math class was boring me to death (in two weeks I didn't learn anything. Except how to use my fancy graphing calculator) and I don't think I should have been in that class anyway. Psych is kinda boring because, as the teacher himself said, he's not really adding anything to the reading... Japanese lit is enjoyable. For Monday I had to write a (handwritten) page that was a continuation of the story we had read which was a little hard but still enjoyable. I'm surprised at how not-that-hard reading the story was. I'm always focusing on what I don't know, but I really have learned a lot. Philosophy of Time Travel is a bit brain-breaking but fun.

GSM studies is okay. We had to read 'The Vagina Monologues' and... um. I kind of don't want to speak badly about it but from my perspective it was uncomfortable to read and when we watched the film in class some parts were very difficult to get through. (Thanks for not warning us that they would be doing a performance of the one about the woman in the rape camp, professor. That one made me physically ill and a few people left the room.) I guess it's an okay read for cis people, but as a female-assigned genderqueer I kept feeling like the narrative was trying to force me to be a woman. If that makes sense. There was just such a heavy connection of 'vagina = woman!'. And there was one section from a trans woman! ...who had bottom surgery, which good for her if that was what she wanted, but in the context of the book it seemed to me to just reaffirm 'genitals = gender'. Anyway, it seems that we're moving away from that now to 'Queer America'. Here's hoping it's LGBT and not just LGB or LG, which has been annoying me a lot lately.

I think I know where I want to room next year. There's gender-neutral housing available (!!!) but it's on the north campus, which is a bit far from the rest of everything, and not honors. On the other hand, this building is all-honors, pretty central, close to the best dining hall and about 30 seconds from the library, has access to a really nice lounge area, and is at least co-ed. And on the housing tour the rooms seemed nice. Some of my friends are going to try and room there too, so that seems like the best option.

Today I donated blood for the first time. The wait wasn't all that bad and I apparently don't have anemia so I got through the health screening fine. The only bad part was after they finished drawing - I was fine for the first couple of minutes, sitting down for some apple juice, but then I started feeling really light-headed and apparently I got very pale (a bit of a feat) and they put me in a wheelchair and took me to lie down for a little while. I was okay after that. It did make me think that I've chosen the right major - while this was going on I was noting which cognitive functions weren't functioning correctly. "My internal thoughts are fine and I can see okay, but my hearing's fuzzing out a lot and I'm having trouble articulating my thoughts clearly and it's taking me longer than usual to understand directions." At least afterward I had a good excuse to get hot chocolate and bubble tea. Next time, I'm definitely going to eat more beforehand (I thought I had eaten enough, but I guess not) and drink a lot more. Being light-headed is interesting but not extremely pleasant and probably not good for me.


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