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Far too much to update on right now (tired and it's late and I'm getting up early) but the short part is, I took another chemistry lab course. And got another A.

Today I had the first day of school (started on Monday, but my class are both on a MWF schedule, and Monday and Wednesday were both days we got hit with the snow). One class is biology with lab (looks really exciting!) and the other was Japanese. Japanese class in Japanese. I was really really nervous about that, but I relaxed even just showing the teacher my homework (she writes by name differently... a 'kya' instead of 'ka'). I relaxed even more within the first ten minutes. I understood almost everything she said, so I don't think I'll have much trouble.

That was just today, but it feels like forever ago... today we went to Katsucon! It took us a long while to drive (thanks, slow traffic on the freeway due to various idiotic factors ~_~). Once we got into the convention, first we went to the tail end of the opening ceremonies, where I recognized exactly one of the guests, and only because he's said some very stupid things... beautiful voice, though.

My mom went with me and my dad went off on his own. We walked around a bit, glanced at the video game section, and walked through the Artist Alley (pretty~). Then all of us together went to go to this skit for Axis Powers Hetalia (*adds to 'read' list*) that was a parody of a UN peace conference. It was hilarious.

After that my mom and I found something to eat, and then waited for a panel about kimono. I loved that one - the woman had so many different types, and she explained what the differences were and what sort of situation each was for. And some accessories, too. All of them except the yukata were made of silk, but each had a very different texture. One - a sort of raincoat - had been treated to make it waterproof, and it almost felt like polyester. The fabrics were all beatiful

Then she offered to dress a few of us up to show us how it's done. She ended up doing three people, and the third one was me. I got to try on the furisode! The sleeves were fun, and the silk was so soft~ And beautiful. One of the other girls even came up as the panel was winding down and she said that I looked really pretty in it!

And then we returned to the hotel. Now, I'm going to bed. Good night~


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