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Ah, I guess I should make an update.

I got contacts last week when we went to see the optometrist again. Since I'll need eye correction for driving, and I need sunglasses when it's very light out, and it's hard to put sunglasses on top of regular glasses, I decided on contacts. It turns out I have really twitchy eyes, it was very hard to get them in and especially out at first. It became much easier after a few days passed, though. I'm still getting used to them - it's a bit hard to see up close sometimes.

I'm taking a summer course, biology with lab. I really liked the lab this time around. I didn't do nearly as well as usual on the third exam, though... I think the contacts messing with my vision might have helped throw me off. The finals are next week.

I've also been getting back into Creatures. I can't seem to install the first and second games on this computer from the CD :/ But I'll just get the GoG version sometime instead. No disk, either.

Recently I decided that I want to learn some proper geography and went and downloaded a bunch of decks from the Mnemosyne site to import, including one with sovereign state flags and one on the prefectures of Japan. I ended up with 936 cards. Yikes! At least I'm going to delete one set since it's not exactly what I was looking for, but that's only about 60 cards. I'm down to 775 so far...
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Just finished up my kanji final. It wasn't as bad as I feared (as usual), and I probably have Mnemosyne (like flashcards but much better) to thank for that. It really makes it easy to remember so much. And I did study, so I wasn't really surprised that it wasn't that hard.

On a completely different subject, I wore knee-high socks and mary-jane shoes for the first time today. I just got them a little while ago and wanted to try them out for a 'test run'. The shoes have some little wrinkles that they may or may not have had before hand, and one has a small scuff mark from when I tripped, but they still look okay when you're more than two feet away. It was different from what I usually wear to class - black pants, maybe shorts or occasionally a skirt, and flexible sneakers - and it felt a bit weird going up and down stairs, but I think they're fit to wear.

I think this might be the first time I've talked about clothes here except for whining about how my favorite kind of shoes are hard to find.

Tomorrow I have my written final, and at 2 on Friday I have my final oral exam. *breathes*


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