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While writing for it made me quite busy, I was really happy with the Trick or Treat exchange. The other three exchanges I did this year, I managed to end up on the pinch-hit list every time which made me worry about my ability to write prompts. This time I stayed off of it. And not only did I have the opportunity to write some things that I don't usually touch, I got four lovely stories, which really brightened up my day. Now I just need to cross-post everything. I wonder if it's possible to write a script to automate that....

Around the same time I was busy finishing stuff for the Creatures Community Spirit Festival, but unfortunately after the third day (out of fourteen) the website went haywire due to PHP version switching (?) so things haven't been posted for that. Ah, well. I'm proud of the little triptych I wrote for it, though a little surprised that I managed introspection from a game with literally no characters.

Made the mistake of signing up for Flight Rising during the last registration window. Why are pixel dragons so addicting?

I really should go work on my thesis now, or at least my NaNo project - due to not being able to write a couple of days, I'm behind.
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So, I survived NaNo again and managed to eke out 50k words. I thought writing a bunch of short stories would make it easier, and it one sense, it did, since you only need enough continuous plot for about a thousand words (in my case). On the other hand, in a way it was harder, because I was writing about historical events and besides the fact that I didn't have a full fifty (the story isn't complete yet, at 43/50 chapters) I had to do research for almost all of them, which made each chapter take a longer time to write. But I learned a lot, and it was fun writing about all these different things from all over the world.

Other than that I've been doing okay - getting through my classes, played a game of humans vs. zombies in early November, played lots of Skyrim... The only really bad thing was getting sick for a week, but at least it was only a cold. Then I sprained my foot the next week and it's still injured even after two weeks. I think it's getting a bit better now, but it's a little annoying considering how I have to walk so much every day.

Yesterday my mom took me and my friend Nico to Winterthur, which is always a nice place to visit. I was especially anxious to go because one of the temporary exhibits there is on embroidery, and it didn't disappoint. The centerpiece was a reproduction of a jacket from the 1600s. It was very elaborately hand-embroidered, many shiny sequins were sewed on, the lace was hand-made and had tiny hand-made spangles on it... it was amazing! The rest of the exhibit was good, too - my two favorite pieces were some bobbin lace with eagles in it - very patriotic! - and a very nice apron with goldwork on it. We also took the Christmas house tour, which showed how the celebration of Christmas changed throughout the ages, and took a look at the soup tureens, some of which are very interesting. One of the strangest was one that was in the form of a Buddha. Somehow that doesn't seem very appetizing to me.

I have my spring courses picked out:
Cultural Introduction to Sexualities and Gender Studies - this one goes from 6〜9, but it's only on Tuesday, and everything else is MWF, so I get Thursdays completely free.
Brain and Behavior - psychobiology! This one sounds interesting...
Time Travel - this is actually a philosophy course about the connection between time travel and traditional philosophic issues
Japanese Short Stories - in Japanese, of course
College Math and Statistics
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...I really suck at updating.

So, quick version: I went to the Philadelphia Hetalia Day meet-up, it was a lot of fun. Astronomy was easy, and it helped that I knew a lot of the material ahead of time. I received an A in both it and Japanese. My Japanese oral final was actually fun - we did it in small groups, and we had to describe a child character from a famous story.

I won nanowrimo for 75,100 words. I meant for it to be 75k exactly, but I overshot by accident ^^ I hit 5k the first day, and my mom had promised that if I did, I could get the new Bartimaeus book, which I really enjoyed. Anyway, my new book is still a work in progress. I hope to have it finished by the end of the year and I can start editing something in January.

For winter, I'm taking linguistics. It sounds interesting, I've been getting interested in linguistics for a while now, and it's a required course for the Cognitive Sciences major (and I'm still getting over the fact that I've applied to college already...). I just got the textbook; the list of 'surprising facts' didn't really surprise me, and the authors say that writing is not a part of language (which I think is incredibly stupid for multiple reasons that I won't spell out here), but for the most part it seems decent. I'll see about the class.

I'm embroidering my dad a bookmark for Christmas. It's almost done. It has the Python logo and the word 'Python' in a pixel-y script. If I have time I'll make one for my mom, too, something about cats and the hanzi/kanji for 'moon'.

Speaking of moons, I watched the eclipse last night. It was really magical, especially when I had been out for a while. Facing away from the neighbor's Christmas light display, eyes adjusted to the dark, when I looked overhead I could see even faint stars, and for a moment I felt like I had stepped back in time. The moon was a beautiful shade of red, golden on the right side, and nearly beneath it stood Orion... It was definitely worth getting up for.
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[In English: It's snowing~]

I was surprised to get up to let Whisp sit on the porch and see snow coming down. I didn't think that it was cold enough for that yet! It's only barely starting to stick to the brick, but the lawn is getting pretty covered up.

I had my kanji final on Thursday - it's going to be graded harshly, but we got the test ahead of time to practice. Yesterday I submitted my final big paper for the English course. An argumentative essay about fanfiction, it was really fun to write.

I hit 50k words on the 27th. I still need to finish my plot, though. I think it's more of a 70k~80k word book, although I'm not entirely sure. It'll finish when it finishes, I suppose... and I still need to edit my previous two. I'm planning on doing that when my English course is done.

This morning I lazed around in bed for a little while, thinking about the ships my characters can make (from book 1 and theoretical VN). Like, "A&C and B&D might be the official ships, but A&B would make a decent couple. A would be eternally patient with B, who would really like having someone she could convince to do almost anything with her, although in the end it would be more like their regular friendship. Not B&C, though. She'd get too impatient at him, he'd be too shy when it came to anything romantic..." Is this weird? *laugh* It's fun, though.

Oh, and I bought some YnM doujinshi from Yahoo!Japan Auctions. It was more expensive than I would have like, but the doujinshi themselves were cheap (¥300 each) and it was of a pairing I love. (Any guesses? Heh...) The first time I looked, too. Planning on writing a review of the shopping service (Crescent Shop), which was overall positive.

Aaaand finally, I'm really excited about the announcement of volume 12 for YnM! And I found this blog post from someone in Japanese: "Yamimatsu new book! I can die now!Wait, I can't die until I read it (line break) I love Yamimatsu!" With a few more exclamation marks. (And it seems that the release date is this person's birthday, too?) For some reason, it made me really happy to read that (besides the fact that I could). I guess fangirling (even if it's a guy? I'm not sure...) is universal ♥
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Frigging LJ deleted this the first time >_____>

I meant to update this a long time ago. Oops.

I've had my midterms already. I got 88 on my oral (better than I expected, since I was 5 minutes late to the 15-minute test >_< and there was one part where I barely knew what sensei was saying and basically kept saying yes) 98.5 on kanji and 100 on writing (3 off, but then I got 3 for using kanji for some reason).

I also had a dream where I spoke in Japanese! Real Japanese! I even said something, and then immediately wondered if I had said it in the right context.

I'm also taking a writing course online at the university.

I've been sick the past few days.

I can't believe NaNo's almost here! I have characters and a vague plot and research, I just hope it can all come together for 50k words.
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Midterms were over last week. I got 103/100 on my written (!) and hopefully did okay on my oral.

I've gotten started again on editing my book (the first one, I mean). And am resisting the temptation to get started on a third. No brain, I have enough projects for the moment!

I love spring. Not particularly more so than any other season, but we have a ton of daffodils and the forsythias are in bloom, and the air is so fresh. And it's raining and warm again. It's been a while since I've felt mud under my feet.

I can hardly believe it's April already.

Today I started playing Chrono Trigger, which I got for Christmas never got around to starting. I'm not very far into it yet, but I'm having fun.
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I retired my current best-ever dog on FP a few days ago. She hit level 47. And bred with another dog that was 44, one of the puppy's I'm keeping from the litter has 112 con already :D Cookies should bring that up to 136 on day 12 *smilesmile*

Things I want to do this year:
1. Go to Japan. Ok, that one's easy, seeing as we're very probably going to go there for vacation this summer. For three weeks. I get to help navigate.

2. Get better at Japanese. This one's easy too, seeing as I'm already signed up for that in-person class. It begins February 9, I think (breath, don't panic, be calm...).

3. Finish editing my novel in line with my dad's suggestions. Begin on editing the second one.

4. Write a Kurikara/Sohryu fic (or Sohryu/Kurikara, if the order matters). Because I got hopelessly in love with it for a while but came up with very little, and you know what they say: if nobody else writes it, write it yourself. I've already got an idea for one, but I'll see how it turns out.

5. Just write more period. That CCS fic I have in my head. The Guild Wars/Avatar crossover thingy. That YnM AU where Tsuzuki won against Kurikara instead of losing. A review of IS, when I finish it.

That's enough for now, I think.
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2403 words in 40 minutes. Well, okay, I took a couple of minutes to edit it slightly but... *boggles* That 'write or die' thing is really good. And I still need to end the chapter...

*back a minute later* That makes it 2443 words in OpenOffice. I think that's my longest chapter yet.

And that puts me over 40k a day early. I think I might finish this thing early!
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Okay, so I was actually at 32525 words. Thank you, OpenOffice bug that counted the leading quote mark as a seperate word >_> but I fixed it now and still managed to write the words I needed to. And I was still ahead, just not as much.

This morning we went to go talk to one of the Japanese teachers. She was really nice! She pretty much answered most of my questions before I even asked them and she settled my fears even more ^_^ She also recomended that since it starts in February, I should do a couple more lessons that they cover in the very first course and take the second one instead, since they spend a month and a half on the hiragana and katakana and only get through the first four lessons. And she said that I can come in during January too. ♥

Oh, and the best way to get me out of bed when I haven't had enough sleep? Mention that we're going to leave a couple minutes early because of snow. *grin*
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Hope NaNo's going okay for everyone.

I just hit 33544, so I'm actually ahead. And I had a 2k chapter today. Half of which is my three main female characters playing 'Truth or Dare'. And the other half of which is mostly my main character thinking about drawing on the computer while she's doing so. I need to stretch out my novel a little before I end it... I keep getting woried that there isn't 20k (16.5k now) words of plot left, but I guess I'll get somewhere tomorrow.

It continues to amaze me how easily the words flow out.
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I hit 20674 words today with about 2000 words written, so I'm a little ahead. My main character just had to go through the, as she puts it, "gym class from absolute hell." Thanks to my mother for ideas on how to make it evilly bad >D Murphy's Law well-enacted.

Played WHILS today (I signed up yesterday, but had to get off the computer right after) and it is way too addicting ♥

Excerpt: Worst. Gym. Class. Ever. )
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I got sick on Sunday :( Threw up twice. I don't know why - maybe something I ate? I also found out how painful it is when you don't have anything to throw up. At least I was better in time to go to the writer's group.

Obama's president, as expected and unhoped. (Not that I was for McCain either - just 'lesser of two evils'. Fwee, third partys that are extremely biased against!) And they're harping (at least for the minute I was watching) on the fact that he has dark skin. Why does that matter so much? (Note: I don't believe in the concept of 'race'.) Wouldn't having a woman become president (or vice president) have been more historic? *sigh* Ah well, it doesn't matter. I can't change it, even if I was old enough to vote.

NaNo's going well. I noticed that, once again, I've been making my characters a little like me. The Main Character is learning Japanese, and her best friend is learning German (which I think I might study for a third language after Japanese). Main Character is into drawing, Best Friend is into writing. They don't look like me, though, they don't live in the same kind of place, and Main Character has a sister while I don't (and I've no desire for one). So they're not completely the same (which makes it more fun!).

(Tired of these yet?)

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So the first day of NaNo went well. I hit 2021 words, so I'm a bit ahead. (Well, okay, I copied-pasted a few, but it was just 20! Besides, I needed a list of weird toppings for pizza.) My characters are behaving very well so far, thank you, and the plot is being spelled out. I thought it would be hard, because I haven't lived with these characters in my head for two years plus - I got just the very vaguest of ideas last December. But I've planned a bit and I think it'll go okay :)

Excerpt of the pizza scene )
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Happy Halloween, to those that celebrate it.

I was Katara again. The candy is delicious.

And... tomorrow starts NaNoWriMo. I was really anxious earlier, but then I went and read on the site for a little while and I'm feeling much for confidant now.
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Yesterday my mom took me shopping. First we stopped at a store called GameStop to get a Deoxys (picked up Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney too - so freaking fun!). Then we went to a couple of clothes shops to get me sandles and a swim suit. I also picked out a dress. Which I will probably hardly hardly hardly ever wear, but it was nice! And purple! *has few purple clothes* And I managed to stop her from making me try on anything more...

And today, my mom ordered me a tablet. She is awesomeness incarnated. *glee* Since the tablet pc is really really borked. Not only is the harddrive broken, but so is the motherboard. Which means this is like the fourth thing wrong with it.

My dad's reading my novel! And making suggestions! Which are good! *love for him too*

Tomorrow I'm going to a night over at the beach with my Girl Scout troop.

And that's about it.
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At a final wordcount of 59,347 words, my novel is DONE. w00t!

Now I just need to edit it, but that can wait. *celebrates*
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*just hit 50k words*

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My mom has slipped ahead of me wordcount-wise. *sigh* Oh well. *goes back to writing novel*
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I hit 40k on my novel last night. *celebrates*

The temperature seems to be having mood swings. Yesterday, it was about 40 degrees. The two days before that were unusually warm. And now it's a warmer day again (but not as much as before).

Last night I took more than an hour and a half to get to sleep. I woke up at five to say good-bye to Mom (another trip) and took another hour or more to get to sleep again. And it wasn't like I was constantly moving and fidgeting and turning over. Weird.


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