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Yesterday my mom took me shopping. First we stopped at a store called GameStop to get a Deoxys (picked up Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney too - so freaking fun!). Then we went to a couple of clothes shops to get me sandles and a swim suit. I also picked out a dress. Which I will probably hardly hardly hardly ever wear, but it was nice! And purple! *has few purple clothes* And I managed to stop her from making me try on anything more...

And today, my mom ordered me a tablet. She is awesomeness incarnated. *glee* Since the tablet pc is really really borked. Not only is the harddrive broken, but so is the motherboard. Which means this is like the fourth thing wrong with it.

My dad's reading my novel! And making suggestions! Which are good! *love for him too*

Tomorrow I'm going to a night over at the beach with my Girl Scout troop.

And that's about it.
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Went geocaching today. First time we've done that in one, two years? Yeah. First one was up a tree - I couldn't quite reach it safely, father could only touch it. Did not find the second one we searched for. Came home and rinsed with Poison Ivy soap. Tired.

Caught Palkia earlier. Got to Sunyshore and bought many seals. FINALLY!
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Girl Scouts got cancelled - half the girls had schedule conflicts!?

Not much has happened - I'm not sick anymore, we had a storm and had to get a partially broken tree branch removed, I'm up to 5 badges on Pokemon Pearl. Oh, and I discovered that if you rub the badges enough, it polishes them!

Just watched Longitude (Part 1) and I think it was pretty good.
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Getting into Sailor Moon again is fun. *hugs her S dvds*

Yesterday I got stung by a bee or something before my orthodontist appointment... didn't really hurt as much as I remember it hurting in first grade. Then again, I was in first grade... Put some ice and baking soda on it and it was just fine.

Braces hurting...

I also had girl scouts yesterday. Was fun.

As a good-bye present, my mom got me Pokemon Diamond and Pearl!!! I said I only needed one and she said she could return the other... I picked Pearl... She was going to return it today, but she got this cartridge-holder thing from buying both of them, and she wasn't sure if the store would want it back, and she forgot to take it with her. I changed my mind, deciding I can use the Diamond cartridge for speed runs and alternate play-throughs and stuff.

Pokemon DS is fun. I choose the penguin as my starter...


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