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I spent pretty much all day today working on my final project for my R class, which... I am not very happy with, but as long as I at least get 50%, I should still get an A, assuming I did as well as I think I did on the last exam. The main problem was the goddamn string manipulation from my dataset. Never again, R. Never, ever ever ever again. If I have to manipulate strings to get my data computer-readable and for some reason I want to use R? That's going through Python first. I seriously spent longer on making my dates into numbers the program would like than actually doing statistics. (Oh, and the csv didn't read empty values properly which fucked up my one attempt at doing a learning and prediction thing, woo. If I fixed that then my graphs didn't get proper labels. I ran out of time and prioritized readable graphs, and commented out the prediction thing with an apology and short explanation.)

Enough of that. The CCSF is chugging along - the logic puzzle I put together seems to be going over well - the semester is basically over except that I need to email my advisor about some things, and today was Yuri on Ice day!
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So those 'abortion=genocide' people? Apparently they were also 'abortion≈holocaust' people. Yeah. That got some pretty incoherent raging from me when I read that. There were a lot of people unamused by the whole thing, between the harassing walkers-by, the photos of aborted fetuses prominently displayed, and the awful comparisons.

Leaving the fail behind, I had a really good day today~ I got up this morning, went out to get the paper, checked the mail, and found all three of my expected packages! A doujinshi from one of my new favorite circles, a book (Death From the Skies) and a game (Pokemon SoulSilver). Yes! Played for six or so hours today already.
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The kid with the lymphoma that's not getting treatment and has been spirited off to Mexico or wherever? I'm watching a thing about it on the news and it's making me angry like news stories rarely do. This kid is not old enough to refuse therapy. You should not be able to deny proven medical treatment to a child in your care that will die without it. Ugh. I really hope they find him and get him back here for treatment. His parents make me sick. That is not religion, that is... I don't even know what. In any case, I think denying proven, applicable medical treatment that will save your child's life is murder.

The antiscience people are getting to me. The month-old baby that died because not enough people were vaccinated, the Jenny-McCarthy-getting-on-Oprah thing, the lady on the tv right now not being scientific at all about fighting off her cancer half-chemo-half-'therapy'. People die because of people who spout anti-scientific things. Children especially suffer, I think. The whole thing just makes me feel sick. I can't even understand why. It's one thing to want to save your life/someone elses' life and look at alternatives, it's another altogether to do things without any research behind them at all and no proof that they work.

...and on a completely different note, my best dog ever so far on Furry-Paws - level 58! - hit 100 days today. Woo.

An LJ, I'm fairly sure that 'proven' is a word.

(Oops, left the tab open all night - below was written last night.)

Writing and oral finals are over, and I'm getting an A.

Watched Mulan yesterday and just rewatched most of it. I love this movie. Besides the general awesome of Mulan, there were several frames I loved the look of, usually because of the body language or perspective. I'd find screen shots and write something up, but I doubt anybody cares. I liked the music, too.
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Newest obsession: Fruits Basket. I've been reading 20 chapters of it a day inbetween school for the past 4? days. It's so good I can't help it.

I was on the driveway last week and it had been rainy for most of the day, so the worms came out onto the driveway. For once, I moved one (that was still alive) into the grass so I wouldn't step on it. I hope I didn't sign its death warrant, but I went back later and it had moved away from the spot where I put it. If I had stepped on it, it probably would die for sure anyway. And I had just watched Seven Years in Tibet the day before, and there's a scene where they insist on carefully moving all of the worms away from where they're digging into the ground so they don't hurt the worms. There was a slug, too, but it turned back to the grass on its own.

Late last night I was half-watching the end of a tv show and it had something to do with bridal dresses. The prices made me choke. Why would someone ever pay thousands of dollars for a dress they'll mostly likely only wear once?! I feel almost guilty for wanting a high-quality dress that's three hundred dollars from a foreign country that I would actually wear. (Plus, imo, most of the dresses they were showing weren't even that nice-looking >_> Then again, I didn't share taste with the people on the show afterward....) I think I would rather get married (should I ever do so) in a nice suit that can be used afterward, or possibly even in my mom's wedding dress, should it fit. Skip the elaboarate ceremony, just go and sign the certificate. With a small party afterward with family and close friends.

I just can't understand how people can justify spending a so much money on a one-day event. What am I missing, I wonder.
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I got sick on Sunday :( Threw up twice. I don't know why - maybe something I ate? I also found out how painful it is when you don't have anything to throw up. At least I was better in time to go to the writer's group.

Obama's president, as expected and unhoped. (Not that I was for McCain either - just 'lesser of two evils'. Fwee, third partys that are extremely biased against!) And they're harping (at least for the minute I was watching) on the fact that he has dark skin. Why does that matter so much? (Note: I don't believe in the concept of 'race'.) Wouldn't having a woman become president (or vice president) have been more historic? *sigh* Ah well, it doesn't matter. I can't change it, even if I was old enough to vote.

NaNo's going well. I noticed that, once again, I've been making my characters a little like me. The Main Character is learning Japanese, and her best friend is learning German (which I think I might study for a third language after Japanese). Main Character is into drawing, Best Friend is into writing. They don't look like me, though, they don't live in the same kind of place, and Main Character has a sister while I don't (and I've no desire for one). So they're not completely the same (which makes it more fun!).

(Tired of these yet?)

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First week of school was decent.

Economics: the book is hard. The lectures are much better than I thought they'd be (although I lol'd over the mention of, if buying an SUV, being more pinched with gas at $1.60 rather than $1.40. It was filmed in 2003).

Chemistry: Like this so far. The book is easy to read and the lectures are nice.

Japanese: Getting started on the number kanji and will seek my dad's help with grammar.

Math: Not hard, not easy. 's good.

Two bad things today: I found an article about how pharmacists are allowed to refuse to fill out a prescription of birth control pills (which have other uses as well). Ugh. And one of the comments was someone saying that they have extreme insomnia and what worked was meds for ADD. First one pharmacist refused to fill it out because he thought it was dangerous, and then when his doctor retired the new one refused to make out the prescription. The result? A lost job, apartment, and soon-to-be wife. If it's true... ugh.

The second thing was that I had cramps that lasted long enough to warrant medication, since we were going to a writing thing and I wanted not to have pain for two hours (including car rides). A while ago I mentioned I never got cramps, and right afterwards the universe decided to make me wrong *sigh* but at least it isn't as bad as some people get them.
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Hope everybody had a good Easter!

I got chocolate, yay, and a couple of DS games (yes, for Easter. Well, it's not like I have away of earning money to buy them myself...) and a spanish-learning program for the DS which has turned out to be pretty fun. Although it's going in a different order than our grammar book. Ah well. I'll live.

Last week I got my mom to drive me to the bookstore. I wanted to get the next book in the Maximum Ride series and while we were there I picked up the last two volumes of Yami no Matsuei. Unfortunately, the Maximum Ride book seemed a bit like a mouthpiece for GLOBAL WARMING MAKES OCEANS RISE 30 FEET (isn't it 6 feet now? and hasn't it risen over the last hundred years anyway?) AND WILL BE BAD AND STUFF GOES EXTINCT (which happens everyday anyway) AND STUFF. I do agree that pollution is bad, but global warming? Meh. We get the point already. It's also shorter than the other books. It had good points, but...
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If I have font color tag, do NOT tell me that the end tag is invalid! PLEASE!


*stupidly held the shift key through most of the above yelling*
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So, yesterday my mom asked me to help her with the webpages for her (what do you call it? Department?)'s webpage. Somebody she knew had e-mailed her and said that something was appearing at the bottom of the page and it was ugly and blah blah blah. My mom finally figured out that she had to be using a different browser, and sure enough, when you looked at it with IE instead of FX, the navigation bar at the bottom had this open-out submenu thing going on. I deleted the script that made it happen, and fixed!

I also got to fix the bio pages for the people, and the 'affiliated' page as well. But I had to sort through the table coding which wasn't exactly fun, as there was a new cell for every line, including the blank ones. And whoever did the coding did some weird stuff, like putting in something to click on to send an e-mail - without the clickable part.

IE? I hate you more now. Damn your 80%+ market share.
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Argh. Slow FP = annoyed me.

I'm in another camp now - a day one, thank goodness. It goes by the initials of NAA. Tommorrow we have a field trip down to the bay, where we're going to go seining. Yesterday and the day before... we dissected sharks *grin*

So. Yeah. Also, one of the few bad points (walking would be one - we do a lot!) is that the first computer session, we got a lesson in HTML. Most of it I knew but I put up with it, slow and productive-less as it was.

Second day - we actually got to START the web page. HOWEVER, we got more slow lessons, including going over links twice (as we had the day before) and putting backgrounds on the page. The annoying part? WE COULD NOT GO AHEAD! *pulls out hair* Hatehatehate that.
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Dear Animal Crossing WW flowers:

Please take example from the purple and pink tulips and BREED DARNIT! I want more than one blue pansy, and I've been pursuing the blue rose for at least a month now! Breeding won't hurt you, don't worry. And it makes me HAPPY.




Feb. 24th, 2007 12:12 am
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People who organized International Night:

What the hell were you *thinking*? I had gone through every table in 30 minutes, and most people went faster than me because they weren't reading the info. So were your predictions screwed or something?

They must have been, because otherwise there would no reason for you to waste a hour and a half of my time doing almost nothing.


(Note: this shouldn't be taken seriously; I'm just venting my frustration on this.)


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