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Had a good day today ^_^

Firstly, I got 美少女戦士セーラームーン (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon) volume one today from Japan! I can't understand most of it yet, but I can sorta get what's going on. And it's so pretty.

And we got apples from our apple tree. For the first time ever. And they were edible. Not pretty, but they tasted good. Even if there were only three...
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Part of a YouTube comment on a Sailor Moon Stars episode:

gosh!! sieya is just perfect....aside from the fact he is a girl -_-

*wondering what the hell is wrong with the Starlights being girls*
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Finished an amv of Sailor Moon set to Moon Revenge today.

What was really annoying about this (other than Movie Maker freezing up every once in a while) was that something weird happened with the music file and it showed up shorter than it should have been, and I didn't notice until I was done. Then I had to get another file, and fill in the holes. Annoying.
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I just saw the end of Sailor Moon... it was a good ending...

I feel happy, but also sad... it's the end...
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Mother came home Friday. And she brought with her the laptop! Yay, laptop! *pets*

FP's random events haven't been nice to me - lots of the 'pointless' ones, occasionally 1 FPD, one about 4.5k. Then, while I was re-accesorizing my dogs, I got an acorn! Literally about 30 seconds later, I found a statue piece. Yay!

Made a Sailor Moon slideshow to 'Power of Love'. Now it is stuck in my head. Not yay.

Yay for moment: +2
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Soo. Yeah. Me and dad finished Sailor Moon S last night. Which was incredibly awesome, by the way. I can see why it's thought of as the best season.

Now I either have to order the SuperS season off of Amazon, which is likely not a legal copy anyway, or go find the episodes on youtube...


Hey, city I live in? If you're going to fire someone and make public statements about their incompetence, thus ruining their job chances, you'd better be pretty damned sure that they are actually incopetent. 'kay?
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Getting into Sailor Moon again is fun. *hugs her S dvds*

Yesterday I got stung by a bee or something before my orthodontist appointment... didn't really hurt as much as I remember it hurting in first grade. Then again, I was in first grade... Put some ice and baking soda on it and it was just fine.

Braces hurting...

I also had girl scouts yesterday. Was fun.

As a good-bye present, my mom got me Pokemon Diamond and Pearl!!! I said I only needed one and she said she could return the other... I picked Pearl... She was going to return it today, but she got this cartridge-holder thing from buying both of them, and she wasn't sure if the store would want it back, and she forgot to take it with her. I changed my mind, deciding I can use the Diamond cartridge for speed runs and alternate play-throughs and stuff.

Pokemon DS is fun. I choose the penguin as my starter...
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Newest addiction: Pinna and Creatures.

Pinna is a game about virtual bird. You can breed them and stuff, and the birds look really realistic.

Mrf. I want a Wii. Or some Sailor Moon episode DVDs. I have the money, but I can't buy either one of them. Actually, I'm not sure about having enough money for a Wii but still. Maybe I'll ask my mom when she gets home. Maybe.


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