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It's been a while since I wrote anything here. I kept wanting to get back into the habit, but... it didn't feel right to do so without mentioning Starlight, and I didn't want to.

Starlight was my childhood cat. I can still remember the day we brought her home from the shelter, such a small kitten who grew large and pudgy. She liked being held but only occasionally being in a lap, and she liked strangers, and even if she was lazy, she was better at mousing than Aki has been.

A few months ago, my parents had to put her down. She was kind of sick for a while. She was nearly fourteen. But it was still unexpected for me to get a call when I was at a friend's place and hear that she was gone. I didn't want to ruin the fun for everyone else, so I didn't say anything and waited until I got back to my apartment to be upset.

It hit me harder when I got home, because she wasn't around to pick up and cuddle. There's just flowers from the vet sitting in a favorite sunroom sleeping spot. And Aki is terrified of strangers, and even when I've been here for a few days she won't let me get very close. It's strange to be here and not have a cat I can pet and who will let me pick her up and who will come beg me for food. And who is a little grumpy and arthritic and lazy but will play if you give her a catnip mouse.

...anyway, I went to Con.txt last weekend (hi, new people!) and wrote a con log up, so I felt like I finally had to post something.

Con.txt 2016 convention report here )
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So, update of Wisp situation...

So we went back to the vet today for Starlight's usual check-up and Wisp's return check-up. A different vet saw them this time. Starlight was fine. Wisp, though...

The arrhythmia got a lot worse. The vet was very concerned when he heard it, and he said we should go take Wisp to the cardiologist. He went out to get another vet while we stood around and talked a bit about it - my dad was sort of reluctant to do so, being under the impression that the previous doctor had given us that there wasn't much to do. The second vet came in and was also pretty concerned.

It turns out that there are different medications that one can give depending on the exact cause of the arrhythmia, and whatever Wisp was getting wasn't really helping, and depending on what the cardiologist discovered it could be really helpful to give him something else. The first vet reassured us that he was pretty pragmatic about testing and wouldn't be suggesting this to us if he didn't think it would help, and both of them were saying that if this was their cat they would take Wisp in right away.

So the first vet left to go check the new blood test results and the x rays and the second to go see if the cardiologist we were being referred to was in. We talked some more... I was petting Wisp on his neck and found his pulse point by accident, and it really freaked me out - it was really random. It reminded me for some reason of a hard drive light when the computer is doing something - it did not feel like a heart beat at all.

We got an appointment for three tomorrow, they'll do an ultrasound on his heart and see if they can't determine the cause. The vet listed a couple of things it might be, I don't remember their names, but he did mention that it could be something pressing up against the heart... Anyway, we'll see what it is and if there's anything that can be done to bring the arrhythmia under control because it's really bad.


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