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Today I saw Zootopia! It was... better than I expected? It's surprisingly smart for a kid's movie; the anvils are heavy and dropped very often (discrimination is bad!) but the discrimination in the film maps to different groups in different ways and at various points in the film - there's racism, of course, but also sexism, the fear of a minority by the majority, how people who have experienced discrimination can say thoughtless things themselves, etc. Plus, the humor and the animation were pretty good; we both particularly liked how technology was integrated into the film (Judy using her phone as a flashlight or to film suspects, etc).

Oh, and I started a fantumblog for my favorite obscure game, Betrayal in Antara. It has a grand total of one follower so far \o/ I'll be happy even if it doesn't pick up any more, since this is a project as much for myself as anything. Even if I still don't understand how Tumblr works (why are some of my images resized but others not...?). Which reminds me, I really need to finish Betrayal at Krondor, which means grabbing the save files off my old computer....

Spring has definitely sprung here, in terms of the weather if not the plant life, and just in time for spring break! Tomorrow, since it's supposed to be a bit warmer, I think I'll go hike down to that waterfall that's supposed to be nearby, maybe bring some of that pie I made for Pi(e) day, read a book or work on alife stuff.
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I feel like I actually have free time for once in the past... two months? Three?

Spent ~3 weeks arranging grad school visits (two of them) and then doing visits. Of course, after that I had to catch up on all the work I didn't manage to get done... but! I have officially accepted an offer! So now I'm on the track to a Ph.D. (Aaah, no, I don't want to spend the next five years doing more school! ...but I can't get the kinds of jobs I want with a B.S, so I guess it can't be helped.)

My thesis first draft has been sent, and even the second one. No more hours of late-night programming. Now I just need to get my third reader to help schedule the defense.

Also have an event this week with my writing group. As president, I had to deal with Event Services. It went something like this:
me: *submits room reservation*
(Two weeks pass)
me: Um, VP, can you call them? My throat is sore and our event is on Friday and we have no confirmation.
VP: *calls*
VP: We had to move our event to next Thursday because there were no rooms available.
me: Okay?
Guest Speaker: I can bring my 5 o'clock class now!
me: *reading confirmation email* We have to move our event to an hour later because we wanted catering? Can't we just bring our own food then?
Event Services: Actually, it wasn't catering, it was the room! Either take it or change your room!
me: Um, guest speaker?
Guest speaker: ...I guess I can let class out early.
me: Now to go change all of the notices again.

Yeah, so that was fun.

And also I've been arranging my graduation trip to Europe (Baltics + Iceland). After a year of bugging people about it, I have precisely one friend who can come. C'est la vie. My dad will join us for part of the trip, too. Still trying to work out details.

Things I have worked in for fun around all that:
Genesis of Aquarion, Boueibu, Betrayal in Krondor, and Hikago )


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