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So, I survived NaNo again and managed to eke out 50k words. I thought writing a bunch of short stories would make it easier, and it one sense, it did, since you only need enough continuous plot for about a thousand words (in my case). On the other hand, in a way it was harder, because I was writing about historical events and besides the fact that I didn't have a full fifty (the story isn't complete yet, at 43/50 chapters) I had to do research for almost all of them, which made each chapter take a longer time to write. But I learned a lot, and it was fun writing about all these different things from all over the world.

Other than that I've been doing okay - getting through my classes, played a game of humans vs. zombies in early November, played lots of Skyrim... The only really bad thing was getting sick for a week, but at least it was only a cold. Then I sprained my foot the next week and it's still injured even after two weeks. I think it's getting a bit better now, but it's a little annoying considering how I have to walk so much every day.

Yesterday my mom took me and my friend Nico to Winterthur, which is always a nice place to visit. I was especially anxious to go because one of the temporary exhibits there is on embroidery, and it didn't disappoint. The centerpiece was a reproduction of a jacket from the 1600s. It was very elaborately hand-embroidered, many shiny sequins were sewed on, the lace was hand-made and had tiny hand-made spangles on it... it was amazing! The rest of the exhibit was good, too - my two favorite pieces were some bobbin lace with eagles in it - very patriotic! - and a very nice apron with goldwork on it. We also took the Christmas house tour, which showed how the celebration of Christmas changed throughout the ages, and took a look at the soup tureens, some of which are very interesting. One of the strangest was one that was in the form of a Buddha. Somehow that doesn't seem very appetizing to me.

I have my spring courses picked out:
Cultural Introduction to Sexualities and Gender Studies - this one goes from 6〜9, but it's only on Tuesday, and everything else is MWF, so I get Thursdays completely free.
Brain and Behavior - psychobiology! This one sounds interesting...
Time Travel - this is actually a philosophy course about the connection between time travel and traditional philosophic issues
Japanese Short Stories - in Japanese, of course
College Math and Statistics
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...I really suck at updating.

So, quick version: I went to the Philadelphia Hetalia Day meet-up, it was a lot of fun. Astronomy was easy, and it helped that I knew a lot of the material ahead of time. I received an A in both it and Japanese. My Japanese oral final was actually fun - we did it in small groups, and we had to describe a child character from a famous story.

I won nanowrimo for 75,100 words. I meant for it to be 75k exactly, but I overshot by accident ^^ I hit 5k the first day, and my mom had promised that if I did, I could get the new Bartimaeus book, which I really enjoyed. Anyway, my new book is still a work in progress. I hope to have it finished by the end of the year and I can start editing something in January.

For winter, I'm taking linguistics. It sounds interesting, I've been getting interested in linguistics for a while now, and it's a required course for the Cognitive Sciences major (and I'm still getting over the fact that I've applied to college already...). I just got the textbook; the list of 'surprising facts' didn't really surprise me, and the authors say that writing is not a part of language (which I think is incredibly stupid for multiple reasons that I won't spell out here), but for the most part it seems decent. I'll see about the class.

I'm embroidering my dad a bookmark for Christmas. It's almost done. It has the Python logo and the word 'Python' in a pixel-y script. If I have time I'll make one for my mom, too, something about cats and the hanzi/kanji for 'moon'.

Speaking of moons, I watched the eclipse last night. It was really magical, especially when I had been out for a while. Facing away from the neighbor's Christmas light display, eyes adjusted to the dark, when I looked overhead I could see even faint stars, and for a moment I felt like I had stepped back in time. The moon was a beautiful shade of red, golden on the right side, and nearly beneath it stood Orion... It was definitely worth getting up for.


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