Apr. 10th, 2017

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Spring is here :D Finally and unequivocally. I enjoyed my first Real Northeastern Winter, but now I'm ready to be able to open my windows again. The lack of ice also means I no longer have an excuse not to go for runs, so I've gone out twice this week. I seem to be making progress; they're more 'runs' and less 'walks' than they used to be.

I met with my advisor last week about a thing I have to write for department requirements; should get started on that soon, though I've a few more papers I want to get through first. He was also impressed to hear that I've started reading an academic paper in Japanese for the first time; he (understandably!) forgot that I know some Japanese. The paper is slow going but I can understand more of it than I thought so far, sometimes just from the kanji used in words I don't know, and it has lots of useful words.

Also trying to make it out to more optional talks, not just the required colloquium talks each week. I finally made it to one of the computer science department talks today, for instance. Mostly because the topic was something more in my range - tuberculosis research in mice (a collaboration with the bio department) rather than operating systems or cybersecurity. It was very heavy on the biology rather than compsci (fine by me), I found out that by 'refreshments' the email mentions they mean 'basic but yummy Sodexo cookies', and I even met Z coming out of a meeting on the way there and dragged him along.

On a less happy note, my loyal and wonderful electric tea kettle gave up the ghost this weekend; the cord is broken from the base of the kettle. Proooobably should have stopped using it sooner. :( I am reduced to using my stovetop kettle for everything, which has been working out okay, except for the hour that I discovered the electric one was dead; there's renovations happening in my building and the workers flipped a breaker that turned off half my outlets, including the one for my stove. (And, I found out the next morning, my heat.) Quick fix, at least. Now I just need to order a new kettle some time, maybe after taxes are done.

A close relative lent me some books on Tibetan history (something this relative knows a lot about due to being relevant for their research) a few months ago, and while I'd started on one of them, I got distracted by library books. I picked it up again last week, and I'm remembering some of the problems it had. Well, they got worse in the part I read this weekend, enough that I'm taking notes so I can rant about it later. As I texted my relative - the handling of religion by the people who wrote it went from 'not good' to 'atrocious', but there are more minor problems as well. (They apologized on behalf of the authors.) I'm powering through, but I hope the other book they lent me works out better.


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